Stanley 19


Rated M for mature content.

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“So, did you find anything?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.

Stephanie had been looking for clues since he had come back from the kitchen and had managed to find out a few interesting things about The Duck, but they still didn’t know enough to act yet.

“Maybe, there’s a few pictures of him and his crew out there but nothing that could be useful…” Sighed the young woman.

“Damn it, he really is one tough bastard to catch!” Exclaimed Michel as he stood up and started pacing around the room.

Stephanie had found out some information about The Duck’s recent robberies, they mostly happened in the area, around a few hundred kilometers radius, but his patterns always changed, it was almost impossible to predict the location, the scale or the time of his next heist. The police had been chasing him for a few years now but they had never managed to catch him and even the single member of his gang they had managed to get their hands on had revealed nothing before disappearing from the holding facility overnight.

If she was going to find something the police didn’t already have she would need to be smart. Come on think! There must be at least one place on the internet where he would have, at one point, left a trace! She reviewed the list of all the sites she knew someone had to have used at least once in his life : Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, WordPress, Ebay… But nothing came up except, once again, a few traces of his appearances in the news here and there. Damn it! She cursed inwardly as she pushed herself back in her chair with a sigh. Michel appeared by her side with a curious look.

“Still nothing huh?” He asked as he looked at the screen in front of them.

“No, nothing at all. But I thought that much, it’s really tough looking him up without knowing anything about him. We’d need a whole team of experts to do that…” She added as she stood up and took a few steps around the room to stretch her legs.

Michel straightened himself and walked to her side, by the large window.

“I’m sure we’ll find a way to find him ma chère. He is not Arsène Lupin.” He said to try to comfort her, it seemed to work as the young woman smiled, understanding the reference.

“Yeah, but still…” She said, looking back to the computer screen, before suddenly going silent. “Wait!” She exclaimed as she turned around and rushed towards the miracle machine.

“What the…-?” She started, going silent once more before finishing her sentence.

“What is it?!” Asked the bearded man as he rushed to her side.

“There!” She exclaimed as she pointed at one of the photos on the Facebook search page that was still open.

Michel looked and saw a profile with a man wearing a venetian mask on its picture.

“That’s the same mask as him! The same one that bastard was wearing in the bank!” She exclaimed again, unable to hide her excitement. “But it’s strange, her it says the page belongs to The Duke…”

To be continued…


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