Quotidian n°36 – I owe thee three

“Stop! Who will cross the bridge of death must answer me these questions three!”


So, yeah, the day before yesterday I said I would post two Quotidians, one for that day and one for the day before the day before that day, also I should have posted one yesterday and one today, which I haven’t done, which would take the count of Quotidians by which I’m late up to four… So, today I’m taking this task head on, I shall post four Quotidians in one evening plus the three (I think it’s three) chapters of Stanley that you are still missing, meaning that today you will be confronted with an avalanche of posts! Mwahahahaha, I shall bury all of you peasants under the power of my words! I won’t have functioning fingers after that though… *sobs*

So, first, here is my formal apology for this lateness, the two main reasons that caused this post shortage were that, one, I wasn’t motivated to write during all the time I could and suddenly woke up when I didn’t have the opportunity to do so any more… Secondly, I have started giving lessons to a student who wishes to get his grades in math up a bit, which means that it takes preparation time during the day and time to explain things to him. Even if two hours a day don’t seem much it does take quite a lot of motivation and energy for the whole day so, yeah, me being myself, I didn’t want to do anything but relax after that…

And to say I want to become a teacher, dear god…

Anyways, I have no real excuse here, just my laziness which I completely take responsibility for! I do hope that the effort of today will help you forgive me if not simply not resent me, dear reader.

During that time of not writing I’ve taken the chance to think about my stories and I’m really motivated by the prospect of writing what I have in mind for both Thrista and Maximilian, especially Thrista, because the next parts of the story are getting more clear as time goes and I’m really enjoying what I’m imagining. There should be a chapter of Forging either later during the day, if I’m still in shape to post it, or tomorrow in the morning. I hope you’ll enjoy it, things are picking up slowly and there will be more action in the story soon I believe. Plus our young hero is starting to discover his abilities, which can only mean it’s going to get cooler huh?

Finally I have also been noticing that my workouts are getting a bit easier, I’m struggling a bit less during the exercises and I have less difficulty recuperating afterward which means I’m slowly but surely getting back in shape which is a good thing, I’m happy for myself, yay!

Thank you for following my blog and taking time to read my posts, also if you have something to say about anything here don’t hesitate to take you pen (or rather your keyboard) and leaving a comment, it’s always appreciated! ;)


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