Quotidian n°37 – Insert title here

“Ask me the questions bridgekeeper, I am not afraid!” “Whaaaaat is your name?” “My name is sir Lancelot of Camelot!”


So, as you may, or may not, have noticed earlier this month (on the first day of the month actually) I didn’t do anything for the usual April fool’s day joke, not a post nor even a single mention. Well the reason for that is not some dark childhood trauma that prevents me from even referencing or thinking about said day. No, the answer is much simpler than that : I didn’t have a good joke to share with you…

Oh I had a few ideas, one of them, the funniest to me, was to post an article written in rubbish (which I did do afterward here), I had even prepared one for that day, but unfortunately, I hadn’t foreseen the single hitch in my otherwise perfect plan : that I wouldn’t be there on that day to post anything… Indeed, on the first of April I was visiting my girlfriend and I found myself unable to post anything while I was with here, not because she would prevent me from doing so but because I didn’t find the time and mostly because I didn’t really think about it. I was somewhat, uhm, distracted.

I didn’t even pull any prank on anyone that day, it’s one of the first time in my life I haven’t even tried (I did think of a few things that could’ve been potentially funny though, like the usual paper fish that I used to stick on people’s back or the “I’m in the hospital” prank) to pull even one off. I spent the whole day enjoying my time and not even thinking about it. How sad is that?

Anyway! Next year if I’m still blogging here, and I hope I will still be blogging, I will try to do something to prank you, dear readers, because it’s not funny if I don’t do it at least once in my life. Plus I have all the time I need to come up with something awesome. One whole year should be enough I think. Maybe fake my retirement? Nah, too early. My death? Too easy… Meh, still need to think about t apparently, but I’ll come up with something and you will fall right in it, I’m sure of it!

If I remember correctly the best prank I pulled when I tried (I’m very bad at pulling prank, always laughing way before I manage to do it, I can’t keep my cool) was to answer the phone as if it was the wrong number and to see if people noticed it was me. Unfortunately my giggles, bad fake accent and very poor acting skills gave it away almost immediately… I still had fun trying to do it though. It was almost as funny as sticking fish on my parent’s back when I was a kid.

Yeah, I really want to try to do a great prank, at least once in my life. I’ll try my best next year for that!

In the meant time I’ll still be trolling on the interwebs a bit so be careful if you see me!

Oh, and Happy Easter! (Even if it’s a bit late.)


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