Quotidian n°38 – Or is it number 39?


“Whaaaaat is your quest?” “To seek the Holy Grail!”

So, apparently four Quotidian posts in one day was far too much for me, I managed two but as I started the third one yesterday evening (this one) I got distracted by, uh, things and didn’t finish it… So, yeah, here is Quotidian number 38 and today I wanted to talk about Daredevil, the TV show!

I have been a fan of superheroes since I was a kid and in the last years I have been really excited by most of the movies that Marvel and DC, to name only the big ones, have released. Not all of them were good (namely daredevil the movie or its spin-off Elektra) but most were and some were even awesome, so when I heard that there was going to be a show about The Arrow I was excited even if I must admit that he wasn’t my favorite choice of superhero to put up to the screen, and I haven’t been disappointed by it. When I learned that Gotham and Constantine were coming up next I was even more excited. And when I realized the Flash was also going to be on screen I simply was ecstatic!

I went from having only a few shows that I followed, namely Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Person of Interest and Doctor Who) to almost ten that I regularly sat and watched. The only thing that was missing from this was a bit of Marvel in the lot (because yeah, the others are DC apparently and Agents of SHIELD is good but we always want more!) and this was covered by Daredevil coming to the small screen this year. I must admit I wasn’t as excited by it as I was by The Flash, I did hope however that it would be a better adaptation than the movie (which was nice but not awesome), I was comforted in this fact by the trailer and the few images I had the pleasure to see here and there. But I didn’t get to it immediately and almost forgot about it.

A few days ago, as I was scrolling through the new posts of bloggers I follow I stumbled on A.D. Martin’s review of the show and it reminded me that it did in fact exist. I did a bit of research about it and found out that there were already 13 episodes out, which meant that I would have plenty to watch if I decided to watch it, so I did. And I liked it! It’s a bit violent, yes, but while I’m not a huge fan of free blood and gore, Daredevil has the merit of offering a more realistic struggle during fights which make them both a bit more interesting to watch and a bit longer. But the show also has a great storyline with important character deaths and protagonists and antagonists with deep personalities which make them very interesting to follow throughout the episodes.

You can see the evolution of the characters and the plot slowly unfolding before your eyes which, contrary to Arrow, as Mr. Martin said in his review, is full of filler episodes, is really nice because it’s like one big timeline constantly unfolding which makes it even more interesting to watch. Now, I am not very knowledgeable about the comic books’ universes and especially not about Daredevil’s but I feel like the show does a good job at trying to make the story come to life on our screens and even if it’s not entirely accurate (fact about which I have seen enough books adapted to the cinema to be sure of) I believe it still is a good show. At least I like it!

I’ve reached episode number twelve last night and I’m going to watch number thirteen tonight, I don’t know if the season will end with this one (I have no information about the number of episodes in total) but I have a feeling it’s going to be exciting! So, if you haven’t tried yet, don’t hesitate to give it a shot, Daredevil is a way better TV show than it was a movie (even if I said the movie wasn’t that bad) and I really recommend it!

The last thing I wanted to say, last two things actually, before I finish were that there are two things I love about this show, one : the “world on fire” that Matt Murdock ‘sees’, which isn’t introduced immediately and which I really prefer to the one int he movie, it gives a darker and more fragile vibe to the character (it makes the fact that Matt believes the devil is inside him more disturbing, which is good). And the second one is that the bad guy has emotions and has difficulty dealing with them as he tries to do his bad guy job, and that is awesome because I’ve had a bit too much of bad guys who are bad up until the moment they die and then finally, almost by magic, realize they could’ve been good. No, he is bad, he knows he is bad but he also realises he has some good things in him and he is scared of either becoming completely bad and losing that good side or becoming completely good and losing his dream. This is one of the things that make this show awesome.

Anyway, Daredevil is really cool, check it out and thank you A.D. Martin for making me give it a shot!


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