Quotidian n°39 – Nah, this is 39!

“Whaaaaaat… is your favorite colour?!” “Blue!” “Right, off you go…!”

So, here is the second Quotidian post of the day as promised. Dang I don’t really know what to talk about here… Meh, I’ll find something to say, surely.

Firstly, I posted the tenth chapter of The Hero’s Mask : Forging this morning, you can check it out by clicking on the link I put up earlier in this sentence. (Can you find it?! :D)

Secondly, well pretty much nothing. I still have to catch up on the Stanley Serial, which I’m doing right now so a chapter or two should be up by tonight. Things are getting interesting in the story, believe it or not our two protagonists are finally going on a quest to find The Duck and get revenge. Will they ever achieve their goal? Find out in the all new chapter of Stanley, up next!

So, today I’ve been once again giving a lesson to the student who asked me to help me better his level in math, he’s progressing quite well so that’s nice. It means my explanations are not as bad as I may have feared and that he has potential to get much better. I really hope this short period of intense work on his gap in knowledge will help him afterwards. He really is motivated to succeed and to make it to his goal, so I hope that I will have done a sufficient job in helping him. We still have tomorrow to go and then perhaps next week toon we’ll see how high I can make him climb in this short time but I have good hopes for him!

On another subject I have body hair and I don’t like it. Now, I don’t mean I don’t like my body, it’s true I would like to be a bit more fit than I already am but that’s not really a problem, I also like my hairs on my legs, my arms and my torso (and the little I have on my face too), that’s not the problem. What I don’t like though is the few single hairs that grow here and there on my shoulders sometimes, I really don’t want to have hair on my back, not as mush as I have on my torso or my legs that’s for sure. But I have a bad feeling it’s going to happen as the years pass and, even if it doesn’t bother me that much compared to what I say, it’s a point in time I’m not eager to reach. Perhaps it won’t happen but perhaps it will and I would hate that I think…

Anyway, I’ve still got time before that so I should be fine. Apart from that I haven’t progressed much in my writing today, I will start working on the next chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers later in the evening, it should be ready by next monday if my predictions are correct. Also I’m going to try to post the Quotidian number 40 by tonight but I doubt I’ll be able to do it so tomorrow, once again and hopefully for the last time, you will have the pleasure to have two Quotidians in one day! How cool is that?!

Okay, bye for now! ;)




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