Quotidian n°40 – Umh whatcha say !

It’s a bird! Not it’s a plane! Not it’s- *gets shit on* Oh, she was right, it is a bird…


So, today I posted nothing. Still no sign of Stanley chapter 20 yet, why is that you may ask? Well because I didn’t have the will to finish writing it. I have a small problem with the scenario from the point where I am on and it really bugs me because I can’t decide how it will continue so I have to decide of the immediate outcome of the story in the near future. It shouldn’t be long but tonight I still don’t have the answer and it really annoys me… So instead of posting the unfinished or crappily finished chapter of Stanley I will wait a bit and add it later. Instead I’ll be working on Of Shadow and Feathers and try to finish the next chapter for next week. So yeah, hopefully more posts soon!

On another subject tomorrow I’ll spend the day helping another student I have and whom I help with math and physics in the morning and in the afternoon I’ll spend some time with a friend so I won’t have much time to write a lot during the day, I’ll work on the stories during the evening but I won’t be able to do much.

Finally, before going to bed and stopping for the night I’ll watch the thirteenth episode of Daredevil, I can’t wait because i have a feeling it’s going to be awesome!

Oh, by the way! I watched Arrow and The Flash, the latest episodes I think, and they were really cool, I love the fact that Captain ATOM is coming and for once, in the last episode of Arrow, I almost believed that Arsenal died (yeah, for like, a minute or so, before he reappeared again) and that was awesome, it’s really rare when a show gets me like that! On the other hand I really hope Thea is still alive, ’cause her dying while thinking that Roy died in prison even though he in fact survived and just after we learned he was still alive is not fair and would be so so sad! I think I might really cry if she really died!

Plus, on The Flash the problems between Iris and her cop boyfriend (whose name I forgot) and the fact that Barry knows about the professor and that Cisco starts to “remember” is really cool too, these two shows are getting really exciting, I can’t wait for the next episodes!

But I’m rambling here, I should already be in bed. Anyways, one episode of Daredevil and maybe a bit of Pokemon Soul Silver (’cause yeah, I still play Pokemon) and then to sleep, I have to be rested for tomorrow!

See you later people! ;)


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