Quotidian n°41 – Hey, watcha doin’?

What’s that? Oh it’s a penny!


Hello people ! :D

How are you doing? I hope you’re good! I’m quite well myself, I’ve been able to go a talk long walks both yesterday and today because of the great weather that we’ve been having once more, it’s really cool to have a clear sky and warm sunrays all day instead of depressing grey clouds an rain.

So, as I said, yesterday I didn’t have much time to write because of the lesson I gave in the morning, which went really well, I think I’m really able to help my students and I feel like my teaching abilities are getting better and smoother, I have a lot less problems making my thoughts clear and voicing my ideas out loud in a comprehensible way. I hope that it will be enough for both of them to succeed in this last part of the school year! I still don’t know if my second student will come back next week yet but I feel like what we have already done is gonna help him anyway, even if it’s not much compared to what I had in mind.

Also I was supposed to meet with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time yesterday and to spend the afternoon with him, just hangin’ and chillin’, but unfortunately he has been caught up in some stuff and he couldn’t make it. It’s a bit annoying ’cause that’s not the first time it happened since I’ve been mentioning to him that we should meet up but what can I do… I’ll let him choose next time so that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. So, because of that I had the afternoon to myself and I decided, instead of staying inside, to make the most of the good weather and went out for a long walk along the coast, it was really nice.

I did the same thing today, it really helps me clear my mind and think. Mostly about my stories, because I’m alone with myself and I have all the time in the world to imagine myself as my characters and to think up what could happen to them. And those two walks helped me on two things : one, unblock myself with the Stanley Serial, I now know how to continue the story and, as you may have noticed, I posted the twentieth chapter today. And two, I’ve had a new idea for a story in mind for a few days now and thanks to today’s walk and yesterday’s choice of new TV shows to try out, I’ve had quite a lot of inspiration and I think I’m holding something good here, I might try to put it down in notes sometime soon, which would be good news and the first logical step to one day deciding to write it down.

Anyway, to sum it up, I have found my inspiration back and my motivation too so new chapters should come soon! (A lot of chapter of Stanley I presume, to catch up) And tomorrow you’ll get a new chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers, isn’t that awesome?! Yeah, it is! I have a few ideas of short stand alone posts so maybe a bit of that too, we’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll be reading Inheritance (yeah, the fourth book in the Inheritance Cycle, not the whole cycle) for the third time, I’m almost half through it now, or playing some Pokemon, I don’t know yet. I’ll decide later, right now I’m too lazy…

So, yeah, that’s all for today, see you tomorrow people!


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