Stanley 20


Rated M for mature content.

Previous Chapter

“The Duke?” Asked Michel.

“Yes, look, here!” The young woman said as she opened the profile page and pointed at the picture and then at the name. “And it’s the same mask I’ve seen in the robbery, I’m sure of it!”

“Well that is something very étrange indeed…” Said the man as he scratched his neatly trimmed beard. “Could it be a, uhm, what’s the word? Coincidence?”

“I don’t know, maybe…” Replied Stephanie after a moment of thought. “Though it seems unlikely, let’s check it out!” She exclaimed as she clicked on the profile to see the details.

A page with a list of detailed information appeared on the screen just over a post with a video apparently made by that mysterious The Duke person, and one of the many line of the biography  was filled with the words ‘Professional Criminal, Bank Robber’.

“So…” Started Michel unsure of himself. “Is he also a bank robber or are they the same guy? But then, pourquoi change his name in The Duke?”

Stephanie remained silent once more, trying to understand what was going on. Why was this individual apparently named The Duke having the exact same description of himself as The Duck? Why were they so similar? Could it be they were really the same person but with a different name? She clicked on the video without thinking and had to reduce the volume of the computer which was almost at maximum so as not to blow her eardrums.

It started with a poorly made introduction sequence showing the name The Duke, written in capital golden letters, spinning and growing before stopping in the middle of the screen with the music of 20th Century Fox in the background. Then it was followed by a shaky montage of the images of the bank robbings but from the inside, as if filmed by the criminal himself. Finally, after a few seconds of crying, yelling and gun shooting it transitioned to the static shot of a man sitting on a chair with the same venetian mask as she had seen in the bank on. Stephanie was about to speak but the man spoke first.

“Hello people of the world! You may not know me yet but you will come to soon enough!” The man stood up before walking out of the screen and, after a few seconds of shaking, so did the camera.

“It’s him…” Whispered Stephanie. “I recognize his voice…” Michel turned towards her and simply nodded before looking back at the screen.

“Now, some of you may have heard of me…” Resumed the voice on-screen. “The criminal who has made this city shake in its boots lately…” The camera turned towards him and one could see his pale grey eyes narrow behind the mask. ‘Yes, that would be me!”

Then the man on-screen, for it was him who controlled it, turned the camera around him and Stephanie noticed it had been filmed at night in some sort of building. The space was lit with lamps but the dark sky and a few stars could be seen out of the windows.

To be continued…


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