Stanley – 21


Rated M for mature content.

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“I am the one who robbed the three national banks in the span of three days and stole the Atlantean collection from the vaults of the arts museum! I am the greatest criminal this city has ever seen and my name is The Duke!” The camera turned towards the wall and the masked man pointed angrily at a graffiti written in large red letters.

“The Duke! Not The Duck like my EXTREMELY STUPID HENCHMAN decided to spell it here… I AM THE DUKE!” He exclaimed again, this time looking directly in the camera with anger. “And the next one… who dares to call me The Duck…” His breathing got heavier as his voice got deeper and more menacing. “I will blow this city to shreds and annihilate every single one of you peasants!!!” He yelled as he pointed a gloved finger directly at the viewer before throwing the camera into the wall.

Stephanie and Michel both jumped back a little at the sound of the broken device. The camera rolled on the floor and a few seconds went by during which nothing else than the criminal’s heavy breathing could be heard. Then they heard his footsteps getting closer and he re-appeared on-screen, squatting in front of the lens.

“All of you, out there, who are mocking me will be crushed by my hand, mark my words! I am The Duke and I will reign on this city!” The screen then went black and the video ended.

“Well that was… quelque chose…” Finally said the bearded man after a few seconds.

“Yeah… So his name is The Duke not the Duck…” Said Stephanie as she went back to the main page of his profile. “And everyone thought he called himself The Duck because of this, uh, mistake…” She added with a small smile.

“No wonder no one could find him, they didn’t have the right name for the guy!” Exclaimed Michel as he hit his open hand with his other fist. “That’s why no on has ever managed to catch him, they were all looking for The Duck when he was The Duke all along!”

“True, plus his videos have barely 50 views, which means no one ever noticed him under his real name, poor guy…” The young woman added, almost feeling sorry for him, before remembering why she was searching for him. “But that’s not our problem, he’s our guy I’m sure of it! And I think I know how to find him now!” She exclaimed as she scrolled down on the profile page.

“Where?” Asked man in his thirties, curious.

“There!” Said Stephanie as she pointed to something on-screen, a single line of text below The Duke’s profile picture.

Michel leaned forward to see what she was she was trying to show him and smiled as he realized what they had just discovered. Just under his criminal nickname could be found his age and a complete address with a link to Google maps.

“We’ve got him now!” Exclaimed the young woman, as Michel nodded, before standing up and getting dressed.

To be continued…


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