Quotidian n°43 – Thou shalt not spam…

Nor shall you troll! Unless you possess the ring of power!

Hello people of the Internets and dear readers! I don’t know where you are reading this from but it is quite late here in France, almost 11pm and I am getting ready to watch one or two episodes of Dracula or Sleepy Hollow, haven’t decided yet. Then I am off to bed.

If I waited so long to make this Quotidian post today it was because I was watching the great ZeratoR play GTA V on his Twitch channel, it was awesome and I couldn’t stop laughing, he truly is one of the best french streamers in my opinion and I know I talk about him a lot but I really love his videos! Anyways, he streams from 6pm to 11pm usually, though today he stopped early, and I often follow him a bit during the evening but this time I stayed for the whole show because it was awesome! Plus today I didn’t have the motivation to write this Quotidian so I waited and waited and now it’s late and I really have to do it! So this is why n°43 is only out now.

Now, about yesterday and the, ahem, short post that I called ‘Quotidian n°42’, well I really didn’t have time to write it yesterday evening when I got to it and I was so not motivated by it that I decided to do a condensed edition and to post it as is. Today I am trying to compensate by doing something a bit longer and more thorough. So, here goes nothing.

About the stories first! Well, as you may have noticed and as I said yesterday, no Of Shadow and Feathers chapter yesterday. Now why is that you may ask? Well mainly because I’m not satisfied by what I have written and I want to take some time to check it to get it right, it’s a story I live and I really don’t want to screw it up so I’m extra careful with what I write now, even if that make me not post chapters on time. So, number 8 should be out sometime during the week but I still don’t know when, we’ll see about that, but it will be out before the week-end, that’s a promise!

As for Stanley, I still have to get back to the story but the next few chapters should be out soon and in a quick succession because I managed to unstuck myself, which means that I can continue following the lot as I imagined it and without any major hitch in view for the moment. Number 22 is coming shortly after this Quotidian and more will follow tomorrow because tonight I’m too tired to write much more than that.

Also I posted a new chapter of Forging yesterday, number 10.5, which for once has a title : The Museum, and is supposed to be sort of a special chapter which takes place in the story’s future. I’m not going to get into much details, just read it and you’ll see. The next chapter will come soon though I don’t know when yet either.

Finally I’ve started working on Echoes of Power again so the story should continue one day, hopefully soon. But the chapters are a lot longer than for the other stories and since they’re in french I have to translate them to English which is extremely annoying and take some time so I’ll have to ask you to be a bit patient.

Now, I don’t have much to say about me today, didn’t do anything worth mentioning. Except perhaps the 2000 meters in eight minutes that I did on the rowing machine. I’m quite proud of myself knowing that two weeks ago I couldn’t even do one kilometer without panting heavily during the whole thing and now I can do twice as much with a little bit less effort. I’m slowly getting back into shape and that is really good for my morale!

Also I talked with a friend about a story for a game he is developing, or at least thinking of developing. He and I had ideas about the plot and the background, he liked the universes and the plots of my stories and asked me if I wanted to try to work on his project once, we’ve been talking about it ever since, exchanging ideas and tips about what we could do. So he contacted me again today to ask if we could talk soon about new ideas he had, I’m quite excited about it, he has great ideas for his game and I really like the universe we’ve imagined together. It’ll be interesting to work on it again!

Finally, before I go, I wanted to do a shout out about my search for an artist (you can find the post about it here) to collaborate with me on a comics/manga/webcomic project about the stories I’m currently writing. I’m looking for someone who would like to put my stories into drawings so if you are interested or know anyone who might be, don’t hesitate to tell me!

Okay, that’s all for today! Hope you are all doing well, see ya later!

Ps : Also don’t hesitate to comment or review, I’d like to know what you think of my stories or anything that you can find here on this blog!


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