Stanley – 22


Rated M for mature content.

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“So… We’re just going there like this?” Asked Michel, following the nude and curvaceous body of the young woman across the room as she collected her clothes.

“Yup, just like that!” Replied the young woman as she took of the towel and the too large shirt she had put on not to get too cold.

“Mais, I mean… Are you sure about that?” He questioned her again, seeming unsure of the course of action to follow.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” She replied as she put on her top and her jeans.

The young woman then turned around and looked at Michel, noticing his unsure expression.

“Oh come on! We can’t go to the police, you know what they would do? Plus if they learned about your ability… No. And we can’t wait and have him escape before we can get there can we?” She exclaimed, sitting on the bed and extending her legs to put on her socks under Michel’s attentive gaze.

“Non, it is true as you say. But it will be dangerous non?” He asked.

“I know, but what choice do I have?” Stephanie sighed, stopping for a second to look at him. “Are you going to help me or not?” She then asked as she resumed dressing up.

The man with the neatly trimmed beard remained silent for a moment, unconsciously scratching said beard as he pondered his thoughts, before he replied.

“Yes, evident I’m coming with you my dear. I’m just warning you against the danger, but I will have your back!” He finally said as he stood up.

“Thank you Michel.” Stephanie thanked him, standing up and giving him a passionate kiss before turning around and taking her coat.

“Uh, no- no problem ma chère!” Replied the man, his cheeks a bit red and his pants somewhat a bit tighter than before. “Toutes fois I don’t have a car , so how do you plan to get there?” He asked after a few seconds, remembering he didn’t indeed own a car which meant that they would have to find a way of transportation other than that one.

Stephanie stopped for a moment, silently cursing, before remembering they lived in a huge city. There still were the taxis, the buses, the metro or even the city bicycles if they were desperate enough, they had all they needed to get there! Though time was precious so maybe not the bikes…

“Don’t worry, I have a few ideas.” She replied before printing a plan of the city with the location of The Duke’s hideout marked out on it. “We have to hurry though, he might already be gone!” She added as she rushed out of the room to gather the remaining stuff she had brought with her.

“Oui!” Exclaimed Michel as he put on a pair of snickers and a coat.

Ha, we’ve got you now! Thought Stephanie with a smirk as they closed the door of the light-haired man’s apartment and rushed out of the building towards the nearest metro station.

To be continued…


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