Quotidian n°44 – I’m in collage


Hey there you sexy beasts! How have you been doing?

Me? Well I’ve been doing good lately, I mean I’m a bit stressed with my job search ’cause I still haven’t found anything really convincing to do, and also because I’m starting my english licence next year and I really want to do it right! But apart from that I’m really okay, I’d even say I’m good, I’m doing things at a nice pace and I fell like I’m getting somewhere. Perhaps not as quickly as what I had hoped but still, I’m moving forward.

So I’m editing this post only today since yesterday I didn’t have time to write it, I got so taken by my Hearthstone quests and the Heroes of the Storm beta testing that I didn’t even see time fly and when I finally stoppe dit was too late for me to do anything so , yeah, sorry about that but I couldn’t post it then.

On the other hand I did post the part 23 of Stanley, which will be followed by part 24 today, in which our two heroes finally reach The Duke’s hideout. Will they find out what they want? Wille The Duke even be there? Will Stephanie be able to avenge herself or will she die miserably like an insect under the power of the ferocious criminal? All the answers in the next episode (and the ones after that too because in only one part it would be too short) of Stanley!

Now, apart from that I didn’t do much yesterday. I managed to row another 2000 meters in one go again, which means I’ve graduated from my miserable physical condition onto the next step : a bit in shape, which means I have achieved at least a little bit of progress! Also I haven’t worked much on Of Shadow and Feathers but that I will do today and the next chapter should be out by tomorrow as scheduled!

Well, I know I had a few things  wanted to say yesterday and that I said I would tell you today but, um, I kinda forgot… So… Instead I’ll end this Quotidian here and I’ll try to add what I had in mind later in today’s real Quotidia, when I remember what I wanted to talk about. So, yeah, see you later people! ;)


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