Stanley – 23


Rated M for mature content.

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They finally got out of the subway station after a good thirty minutes of travelling in the city’s underground in overcrowded wagons. Here and there they saw a few street artists trying to get the attention of the people inside the metal boxes, a few of them actually seemed interested while the great majority minded their own business, choosing to ignore the singers and musicians. The train had stopped near the city center and the Milkyway monument that had been built a few years back and after a few long seconds of battling against what seemed to be every other passenger in the station they finally reached the fresh air of the open.

“So, which building are we looking for Stephanie?” Asked Michel as he looked around in the middle of the sidewalk.

They were surrounded by dozens of tall buildings and twice as many houses. Cars and buses were zooming on the road and hundreds of people were walking along the sidewalks. The city itself seemed to be buzzing with activity and both of them were forced to move too as they appeared to be getting in the ways of every other living being.

“I don’t really know.” Replied the young woman as she took out the paper she had printed a few minutes earlier. “The name of the street is Mulroy Road which is apparently close by and the number of the building is 108 but apart from that I don’t really know what we are looking for. I guess we’ll find out when we get there…” She added as she pointed down the street on which they had reached the surface.

The duo started walking in the direction she had indicated, looking around for the street names and for the building with the 108 on the front.

“It’s a bit stupid quand même.” Commented Michel after a moment of silence. “Having his address but not knowing it is him, no one found him just because of that.”

“Yeah, apparently the mess up in his name by his idiot subordinate was more useful to him than he thought when you think about it, it prevented the police from catching him.” Stephanie said with a nod as she agreed with him.

“Ah, par là!” Exclaimed the man as he finally noticed the sign that indicated Mulroy Road. “Just on the left.”

Stephanie saw it too and they both turned in that direction, tensing slightly as they realized they were almost at their destination. They passed three tall buildings and two houses before finally reaching the building number 108.

“So, we’re here.” Commented Michel as they both stopped in front of the entrance to look at the building.

“Yeah, we’re here.” Said Stephanie.

Now that they were there she felt a tinge of hesitance creep inside her. Was it really the right thing to do? What if he wasn’t there? Or worse, what if he was there? What was she to do? Simply make him suffer just like that? She didn’t know anymore… No wait! I can’t think like that! I came all the way here, it’s not the time to cower! She thought before taking in a deep breath.

“Ok, let’s go!” She finally said, and she entered the building, followed closely by Michel.

To be continued…


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