Quotidian n°46 – That’s sooo 2012…

I mean, are you even serious?! That shirt with those shoes?!


Today I finally posted the long-awaited chapter 8 of Of Shadow and Feathers, in which our main character meet the bodyguards of the princess and where a mysterious individual does mysterious things. I think it ended up being longer than what I expected but I’m satisfied with it so I really hope you’ll like it! I haven’t said this before so I think it might be the right time but none of my chapters are proofread or beta read, I do all the work myself and I deeply apologize for error/mistake/incoherences that might be left after I double-check for them, I try my best to offer you my best work but I am unfortunately not superman and I cannot do a perfect job all the time.

I still haven’t posted the next part of Stanley, didn’t have the motivation to write it today, but I will try to do it before I go to bed, it’s something I have to hold on to if I want to succeed in writing my stories: one post a day for Stanley. It takes time and I’m not always inspired or happy to do it as I can be some times but it’s something I want to do.

Now, today I watched a few episodes of Sleepy Hollow, which is a better show than what I could’ve had expected from the summary and the trailers I watched, I don’t know if it’ll remain that way throughout the episodes but I really want to know more about the plot and to see how Ichabod Crane is adapting to our modern world is always funny. And the sister is back in the loop so that’s cool too! If you haven’t tried it, do. It’s worth at least a few episodes to see how things evolve.

I also started watching the last season of Psych (I learned it was the last season and that there were only 10 episodes today in fact)after a few months of waiting for new episodes and wondering if it had been cancelled. But it hasn’t, it was decided this would be the last season and this makes it even more interesting. The episodes are still hilarious as ever and even though the plot isn’t always a masterpiece, it is worth the watch. Psych is a TV show that I really enjoy and that I will watch ’till the end! Shawn Spencer and MC Clap Yo Handz for the win!

Now, I also played a bit of Pokemon during the day (yeah, I slacked a lot I know) but not on my DS as usual, on my PC where I downloaded the Omicron version a few months back and I had advanced quite far in the story. I managed to make my Pokemon gain 7 levels each during the afternoon putting almost all my team at level 90 which is the minimum required to beat the last bosses of the game. it’s a really good adaptation, the only downside is that it’s on pc so it can’t be played everywhere like the other versions. But apart from that I love it, mostly because you can choose your starter Pokemon between all the first stages of evolutions available in almost all the Pokemon games! I started with Munchlax and it was awesome!

Yeah, so that ‘s all for today, a Stanley chapter coming soon and after that, off to bed! See you later people! :)


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