Stanley – 24


Rated M for mature content.

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They both quickly walked through the main hall of the building and headed for the stairs, almost running as they climbed them towards the apartment where The Duke was supposed to live.

“Apartment C415, at least that’s what the paper says…” Explained Stephanie as they passed by the first and second floor without even stopping or slowing down.

“Okay, two more to go then!” Exclaimed Michel as he tried to catch his breath.

Finally, after a few more seconds of running at full speed up the flights of stairs they reached the fourth floor, the floor the apartment was supposed to be. They stopped for a short moment to breathe and try to calm down before they started looking around.

“That way.” Said Stephanie as she noticed the order of the room numbers went in increasing order from left to right.

They walked fast along the corridor, almost running again, looking at each number on the doors as they passed by it.

“Here.” Finally said the young woman as she stopped in front of a normal looking door with the number 415 and the letter C engraved in dark letters in the wood.

“Et maintenant, what do we do?” Asked Michel as he caught up with her and looked at the door and at his companion alternatively.

The young woman remained silent for a moment, pondering her options, before she finally decided to act.

“Now this.” She said as she knocked three times in a loud manner, which would be heard inside even if there was some sound.

Then she put her ear against the surface of the door and listened attentively for any sound coming from inside the apartment.

“Can you hear anything?” Asked Michel.

“Shhh!” Exclaimed the young woman as she put a finger on her lips, ordering the man to remain silent.

She stayed like this, unmoving and listening as hard as she could for two full minutes. Finally, after making sure there was absolutely no sound coming from the inside she turned to Michel.

“I think he’s not there, I can’t hear anything…” She said, keeping her voice down.

“Alors, what do we do?” He asked in a hushed tone.

Once again Stephanie pondered her options: either leave and forget everything about this, stay and wait for him to come back or…

“We’re going in!” She exclaimed in a loud whisper as she put her hand on the door knob, ready to open it.

She shot a quick look to Michel who didn’t bother to hide his unsure expression from her and even motioned to stop her. But the look she gave him discouraged him from doing so and he sighed.

“Very well dans ce cas…” He agreed with a nod.

Stephanie slowly turned the round knob, trying to make as little sound as possible. As she finally reached a half circle with it she heard a small click and the door opened it self without resistance.

“Strange…” She said as she looked back to the man with the neatly trimmed beard. “It’s open…”

To be continued…


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