Quotidian n°47 – What is the sound of blue?

I’m walking talking… I’m walking talking…

I really do have mood swings depending on the weather, it’s really impressive. When I wake up in the morning and the sky is blue I’m all energetic and all but when it’s raining or just cloudy I feel a bit depressed and a lot more slacky… (As in I want to slack more)

And this change happened a few times today as the sky went from being clear blue to covered in clouds before going back to blue and finally settling itself between the two. I was really motivated this morning then by noon, when the weather started to change I got a bit more lazy, though that might have been my hunger speaking. Then I got back my motivation a bit when I saw the sky clear up in the afternoon. It’s really weird. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t plan to live in a sunny country in the future, in order to be motivated almost all the time (’cause yeah, wherever you go there will always be bad weather). Might work. But where should I go? Can’t be too hot or too humid either or I’ll die… damn this is difficult…

So, apart from that I’m posting this instance of the Quotidian after number 48, which is completely logical… #NotAtALL

Plus I really don’t have anything to say anymore tonight so I think that instead trying to tell you useless things or trying to add words after others just to make a sentence that can be understood just for the sake of having more words in this post in completely useless. Of course I could do that without end, I’m an expert in that domain and I have already written pages of useless words in the past. But I really don’t want to do that tonight, it would waste both my time and yours. So! Instead I will immediately resume my writing of the Stanley chapters that I was supposed to publish yesterday and today so that you can enjoy them.

See you later and have a nice read!

Ps: I’m also going to try to pass by the blogs of random people to see what is new out there, it’s been some time (again!) that I haven’t done that.


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