Quotidian n°48 – Today I made a friend.

Oh what the what?!


So, yeah, today, well yesterday evening to be exact, I made a new friend. Also it’s a girl friend, which in my case is quite rare. I don’t make many friends usually, though I do have some, and even more rarely girl friends. But this time I somehow did it!

Well, not to be too optimistic as we barely know each other and we met on the internet yesterday evening, but I think we’re hitting it off quite nicely. We started talking, well more like making bad jokes and being stupid, on a chat room while watching the great and awesome ZeratoR during his stream. We kept talking about random things after the stream was over and we’ve been doing so almost all afternoon today too.

She’s really friendly and funny, plus we have a few interests and hobbies in common so it’s easier to start and entertain a conversation. It’s really cool to be able to talk to someone like that, especially knowing it’s a girl, which is not a problem at all by me, it’s just that as I said earlier I don’t have a lot of girl friends, mostly because I’m quite nervous and shy around people in general AND because I’m not the super talkative type. I do know how to make a conversation but I just don’t seek so do it, I respond and interact with people quite easily, but I only do it genuinely when the subject interests me. And in this case it’s been the case, we’ve talked about ourselves a bit, about what we do, about video games (which is strange to talk about with a member of the female branch as I have even fewer girl friends that play video games like me), about writing (’cause she also writes stories), about sports and so on.

I don’t yet know if we could be friends in real life, as communication in person is not the same thing as on the internet, but it’s really pleasant to discuss with her. We also spend some time playing games while we talk, which is quite fun and enjoyable. I don’t know her name yet but we should get around that subject soon. I know she’s also french and that she lives in the south of France so that’s cool.

If this new friendship remains through time i think it’ll be a nice story to tell people, the story of how we met while spamming bad jokes on a chat on a spring evening.

Anyways, I haven’t posted anything today and I am yet to finish the Stanley chapter for yesterday and today but wish you a good read when they come out, which shouldn’t be long after this post if I manage to keep my motivation! So, enjoy and see you later!


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