Quotidian n°48 – This should be number fifty but I’m too lazy for that.



Hello to you, dear person who is reading this, whoever you may be.

Once more I have managed to evade my responsibility to write a post each day for these past few days, even if I had ideas about what to talk about and if I wanted to, I just didn’t have the time, I didn’t have the energy or I simply forgot. All the previous excuses could be used to justify my laziness of the past few days but, as you may have understood by now, the only explanation is that laziness in itself, I felt as if I could postpone it until I found myself unable to do it because of other priorities or not enough time or whatever I told myself. Anyways, I didn’t do anything to keep this blog updated, except a little chapter of Forging at one point, and I really am angry at myself for that because I know I could’ve done it if I had just put my mind to it. this is something my girlfriend reminded me the day before yesterday when we saw each other. Not about my blog but about my job search, she told me that even if I had moved my ass and done things I still could’ve done more and I could’ve done it better, and she was right, I’ve been too complacent with myself these past few years and for once, when I finally managed to actually do something productive I screwed it up again because of simple laziness on my part…

I have been like this for a long time, doing things halfway, doing them as fast as I could or not completely so that I could go back to doing whatever i really wanted to do which, in most cases, was doing useless things for long periods of time. Yes I’ve had a great time doing that, I’ve spent many hours laughing at TV shows, having fun while playing video games or being interested by stories I read online, but that meant the time I spent doing that wasn’t spent doing productive things. And that was what caused my downfall. I’ve been working to change that, trying to improve communication in our couple (I’m not very talkative in real life), actively looking for a job, doing some exercise to keep myself in shape, updating this blog and my stories to get closer to my ultimate goal : publishing them.

So far the exercise part has been going smoothly, I haven’t been working out every day but I do work out regularly and I can already feel (and start to see) the results, so that’s cool! The writing part was a little less successful; I did keep my blog updated regularly, very regularly even in the first few weeks, and I’ve been working on my stories too, though still not as much as I wanted to. I’ve also gotten a number of likes, comments and followers so that is really awesome and I can’t thank you enough for that! But the job searching, even if I did move my lazy ass around, still hasn’t produced any viable results other than the students I help from time to time, and that is a disappointment. So, even if there is progress it is still not enough and the reason is always the same : I hold myself back because I’m lazy.

This is something I am decided to improve as much as I can, and it is why, once again, I wish to make another official promise to myself here and now, on this post. With you, dear readers

From now on I swear on my honor that I will do anything in my power to fight this laziness of mine, I will update this blog daily, I will exercise regularly if not daily, I will find a job before the end of May and finally, but most important, I will not let myself fall into this lazy routine state. I swear I will uphold this oath as long as I breathe.

There! You have it. I am going to do it and I am going to rock it!

My first challenge will be to post the second Quotidian I have planned plus the Stanley chapter I owe you guys before the day is over. Once it is done I will be back on tracks ladies and gentlemen and this party will begin anew!

Okay, that’s all for now, see you later people! ;)


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