Stanley – 25


Rated M for mature content.

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“Bizarre en effet…” Commented Michel as the door slowly opened with a faint squeaking sound.

The young woman looked at him, unsure of what to do for a second. She hadn’t imagined that kind of scenario as she had tried prepare herself for what she would do once she got to that point. The fact that the door was not locked was as strange as it was destabilizing and for once since Stephanie had decided to get revenge she found herself at a loss for an instant. But it didn’t last for long as soon she remembered why she was there and what she had decided to do once she got there. No matter what the situation was, the plan didn’t change : find that bastard and make him pay.

“Come on.” She said to Michel as she walked in the room, carefully looking around for any sign of danger.

The apartment was spacious and well decorated, everything seemed to be in its place, even if it felt as if no one was there at the moment a strange vibe emanated from it. As if it hadn’t been like tht for long.

“Eh bien, this is getting stranger by the minute…” Commented Michel as he too looked around, seemingly searching for something.

“Yeah, something feels off here but I don’t know what…” Replied Stephanie as she ventured in the living room.

A large brown sofa was placed in front of a large flat screen and, in between, stood a small table with a few magazines and books sprawled open on it. A bowl full of peanuts had been placed next to them and an empty glass was standing near it. Stephanie walked towards the large window and looked at the city below them, the building wasn’t the highest in the neighborhood but it still offered quite a nice view of the city, even with the sound of engines running and tires rolling on the road coming from below.

“I’m going to check the cuisine.” Said Michel as she turned towards the door leading to the bedroom.

“Okay.” She replied without even looking back at him and entering the smaller yet spacious room.

A large double bed was covered in black sheets and a number of small objects were displayed here and there on shelves, as if whoever lived there like to collect old pieces of junk. Then something on her right caught her attention, a large painting of a man wearing a venetian mask and costume from the times of great parades in the floating city was hanging on the wall. It had been painted to scale and with impressive details. She immediately knew they were in the right place, no one else could have bought that sort of thing without already having a spiritual connection to it. She took a few steps to get closer and study it in detail when she heard a surprised shout from the other room.

“What the fuck?!” She heard Michel curse from the kitchen.

To be continued…


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