Quotidian n°50 – Today I went to visit an old lady.

“Grandmother, what big arms you have!” “All the better to hug you with, my dear.”

“Grandmother, what big legs you have!” “All the better to run with, my child.”

“Grandmother, what big ears you have!” “All the better to hear with, my child.”

“Grandmother, what big eyes you have!” “All the better to see with, my child.”

“Grandmother, what big teeth you have got!” “All the better to eat you up with.”


So today I went to visit my girlfriend’s grandmother with her and we spent a good time there, talking with her and eating cake. A few of her family members, namely her sister and one of her daughters, also dropped by to say hello and we spent a few hours talking about things and others. Her husband passed away not too long ago and since then my girlfriend and her family, who have the chance to live not too far away from her, go visit her often. Today was one of these days and she and I took the opportunity to go visit her on our own. She seemed to be in good shape and in good spirits when we arrived although a bit tired which is normal at her age.

Her sister arrived not long after us and her daughter about halfway through the time we spent with her, and we started talking about events that happened to them when they were young, memories they had of their childhood and their teenage years. I hadn’t really realized it up ’till now but these two, my other half”s grandmother and her sister are such gossip, they knew everything about everyone, and they had an oppinion on everything. But what was the most impressive to witness was their incredible memory and the amount of detail they were able to remember about people and places, about the things they had done and about many little things that I would never have even thought about. It’s really baffling to think they can know all this stuff without forgetting any of it over the years…

I was really happy to be able to go with my girlfriend to see her grandmother because she really is a nice woman, as are almost all grandmothers I believe. To this day I have to see one that isn’t as nice as that! And it was really nice albeit a bit sad because it reminded me of my own grandmother, the mother of my mom, who passed away a few years back. And it made me think to all those times I spent at her house, probably annoying her and getting on her nerves a bit, but that feel like it was a whole other world. It reminded me of all the things that she used to tell me about people who live or lived near by, about what she remembered from the second world war and how she used to live when she was young.

I really loved to go to her house and eat all sorts of cakes and other unhealthy things my parents didn’t want me to eat, and it was so much fun. But sadly it also reminded me that she was gone and that all the things that I didn’t even think of asking her then and that I’d really want to know about now, I will never get to ask her about. I miss her a lot and I feel as if I didn’t use the opportunities that were given to me to get to know her directly as much as I should have. There’s a bit of regret on my part, and there always will be I think, even if I know it wasn’t my fault, I was a bit too young and immature to realize what I had. Plus, as the saying goes, don’t we only measure what we have when we lose it?

Anyways. I miss my grandmother and I know that my girlfriend’s won’t be here eternally, even if I wish her the longest life span possible, so that’s why I think it was important to spend some time with her today, so as not to regret it later on. Plus she really is nice so it isn’t hard or annoying at all to do. And she also has great and delicious cakes, which is awesome! What I hope, and what today reminded me a bit of, is that I am making the most of the relationships I have with the people around me right now and that I won’t have any regrets when our time to part comes…

I know it is a bit depressing a way to end a post but it felt important to try to share that with you, dear readers, knowing how important what you have right now is, is, well, very important! Because once you lose it, it won’t come back, so embrace it to the fullest and do everything you can to do what you dream of!

Okay, once again I don’t think I’ve been very coherent with my thoughts but I do hope you still can somehow understand what I meant. That will be all for today, I will see you tomorrow, good night ladies and gentlemen! ;)


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