Quotidian n°51 – 15°n naiditouQ

“Hi ma’am, I’d like a banana-flavored Fluggeldörstroffneuer please.” “A Fluggeldörstroffneuer with what flavor?”


Hello to you, dear reader, who is now sitting behind his screen. Are you alright? I do hope so! If not, well I wish you the best and to get better quickly. I, for one, am very fine , thank you for asking. The weather is great, I feel inspired and, most of all, motivated to do some writing this evening! I have spent most of my day watching the second half of the first season of Grimm, a nice show bout fairy tales and evil-hunters, and it was really cool, I managed to finish the last episode about an hour ago and I’m going to start the second season tonight I think, I can’t wait.

I’ve also done some work out, push ups, rowing machine, weights, it’s tiring but it helps clear my head a bit when I feel a bit oppressed by what I’m doing and after that it’s easier to get back into focus. These past few days I’ve been doing some accounting to help my father and it has been annoying as frick! And I had to get my head out of it from time to time and I found that exercise helped doing that, plus it was also in my plans to become the next Schwarzie, so it was quite convenient. My girlfriend says I’m looking more fit and a bit more bulky than before so it seems like it works!

Apart from that I also got back to my job search, haven’t found anything yet, despite the few opportunities I’ve had so far. I do need to find something though, to help financially next year, even if just a bit. But I’m confident, if I keep looking and asking around and offering my services I’ll find something, it’s just a question of time. In the mean time I’m working on my stories, I’ve written a bit already today but I’m going to do the biggest part after dinner tonight I think, and on keeping this blog updated daily as I said I would.

Things are going half smoothly, I didn’t post anything yesterday for example and that isn’t good because it means I’m slacking. Today I am motivated so I know I’m going to write quite a bit, but I want to be able to do that everyday, even if it’s only a little. It’s not easy, especially for me, but I am trying and I really hope that by, I don’t know, the thousandth edition of the Quotidian (if I’m still here) this exercise will have become a bit easier for me and that I’ll be able to post daily. Because if I can do that, it means I can write daily and if I can do that it means I can hope to finish my stories one day.

So yeah, not much more to say, I haven’t done much worth talking about. I’m off to write the next chapter of Stanley and to work on the other stories, I’ll try to make as much progress as I can and to post a chapter soon. Until then, see you around people!

PS : Already the fifty first edition of the Quotidian, woot woot! :D


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