Stanley – 26


Rated M for mature content.

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“What is it?” She asked as she heard a crash sound coming from where she had heard the man’s voice.

His response didn’t come immediately and a few seconds passed in complete silence before she finally heard Michel reply.

“Uh, comment dire… You should come see this I think…” She heard him say in a hesitant tone.

Stephanie quickly exited the bedroom and walked towards the kitchen, trying to understand what could have caused the man to react like that. For an instant she feared the worst. Had The Duck, no The Duke!, she corrected herself, come back while they were still there? No, impossible. There was no one in the apartment when they got there and she hadn’t heard anyone come in. What could it be then?

The young woman walked in the kitchen, looking all around herself to find out what was wrong. She found Michel standing before the fridge, the door was wide open and it seemed like he was looking at something inside. She couldn’t see what he was looking out however as he was blocking her view. He turned his head around and looked at her, his eyes wide opened and seeming taken aback.

“What is it?” She asked as she crossed the few meters separating them.

He didn’t reply and instead simply took a step back, clearing the way to see what was behind him as he motioned towards it with his hand. Stephanie looked inside the large white food-cooling device and her eyes went wide as she finally could see what was in it.

“What the fuck…?” She muttered under her breath as she took another step to get closer and make sure her eyes weren’t betraying her.

The young woman shot a look at the man with the neatly trimmed beard, as if she was silently asking ‘Am I really seeing this?’, he nodded silently and they both turned back to the body that was hanging inside the white metal box. Indeed, inside the fridge of the criminal mastermind’s apartment was a body, wearing only a pair of light blue underpants, it was hanging upside down, his feet were trapped in a large coat rack fixed to the top of the main compartment and his head was almost touching the surface at the bottom.

His was his back to them so they couldn’t see his face but Stephanie immediately recognized who it was. There was no mistake, this hairline, despite having only seen it once, she remembered it as clear as she remembered her own appearance. Damn it! She cursed inwardly. They stayed like this, both of them silent, looking at the man whose skin had started turning a shade of blue and unable to say anything.

“Should we turn him around?” Asked Michel. “To get a look at his face?”

“Uh, yeah…” Replied Stephanie, already knowing what she was about to find, before motioning towards the body.

They both grabbed one side of the man than had been hanged upside down and slowly pulled it towards themselves, turning him around. Slowly but surely, as they rotated him, the young woman saw the outlining of a venetian mask appear where the corpse’s face was expected.

To be continued…


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