Quotidian n°52 – How romanticism defines my stories.

I love you, me neither.

If it is not already stating the obvious I will say it once again : my life, my passion for stories and for writing them come from my deeply romantic nature. Now, you may find this statement a bit weird, since most of the stories I write here aren’t romantic ones but it is not strange at al, I assure you. Let me explain.

Primo, when I speak of romanticism I do indeed mean the lovey dovey smushy wushy type of romanticism with the flowers, the candle lit declaration of love and the kissy, touchy feely part that goes with it, but not only. Not ony that. When I mean romanticism I mean it in the poetic sense of the term, the use of emotions and the expression of these emotions through one’s art, be it words, painting or sculpture or whichever way you prefer. It’s also the search for a way to make other people feel as you do, a desire to share emotions. When I read a story or when I watch one I find myself taken by the world created by its author and I feel many things while doing so, joy, excitement, sadness, anger, surprise, awe. All this is what I want to feel while reading a story and it is also what I want to share with others because it’s just amazing!

Now, secondo, when I say that romanticism defines my stories it is true, even if it doesn’t appear evident at first especially with the small number of chapters I have published at the moment, but it does. I have built the plots of Tales of Ore and The Hero’s Mask around scenes and characters that I imagined, that popped into my mind one day, and that made me feel something unique, something awesome. A simple idea or concept that germed in my mind for hours, days, weeks, to finally become what it is today and what I am trying to share with you, dear readers.

I have also imagine some stories that are more apparently romantic, in the sense you know, like Echoes of Power, Light in darkness and The diary (which you can’t find on my blog yet, maybe one day though). These have been created to be centered on two or more characters that are inevitably attracted to each other and how they try to deal with this fact. These are romantic in the lovey dovey sense of the word, they are also romantic in the other senses I told you about but mostly in the usual one. For Echoes of Power, I first imagined a single scene, a single setting in which two characters (not gonna say who, you’ll discover that soon enough) have to deal with certain problems and consequences of their attraction to each other, and after thinking over and over again what might have caused this scene to happen or what might happen after a plot started to form in my mind, slowly but surely. And I finally ended up with a story.

I am a very romantic guy, in both meanings of the word. I love Love, the act of falling in love and the whole process of attraction between two individuals and how they deal with it. I think that a good story has to have at least one moment where romanticism is in its center, if not then it can’t be a good story. Now, I don’t mean that it has to have lovey dovey action or couples or even a mention of love in it, no, what I mean is that it had to have a moment where the reader can’t help but be taken in by the emotion of the scene. If it doesn’t happen at least once during the whole thing then it means that it isn’t a great story.

Most story have a romantic passage, and here I do mean the couple lovey dovey thingy, and I love them all the more for it, I really enjoy reading fan fiction for example because fan fiction usually centers around couples and how they deal with love etc. I usually have a ‘post ending depression’ phase after I read a story, during which I can’t get myself out of the universe and stop thinking about the characters. Usually I spend hours on the internet searching for good fan fiction that would allow me to enjoy the story even a little bit more. And usually I find myself reading stories about how the characters fall in love with each other, how they struggle to say it to each other and how they break up before coming back together, and it’s great. I really love Love.

To illustrate my point about loving fan fiction because it’s 99% romanticism in its casual sense of the word, in my memory there is only one fan fiction that I enjoyed for the new take on the story it gave me and the great writing, I remember being so taken by it that I read all of it in one go despite it being almost a hundred pages long. It was a fan fiction about Eragon, I’ve forgotten the name but the author had written a description of the battle to capture one of the cities in the story (yeah, forgot the name again) but from the point of view of one of the Varden commanders and it described his intellectual fight with another commander, and enemy one, that tried to defend the city. That fan fiction was so good, even without romantic romance, that it could’ve been in the book without any trouble!

Anyway, I really love romanticism in stories and I try to make it one of the corner stones of my writing, I want to make you feel what I feel when I imagine it and what I would want to feel if I read it. If I can manage that with at least one of my stories then my life as a writer would be complete!

Okay, that is all for today. I don’t know if I have been clear, once again I’m writing without any structured thought so, sorry if it’s not easily understandable, or not understandable at all. I hope you enjoyed reading my opinion and I wish you a nice evening! ;)

PS : I also published a poem today, In the jungle, go check it out if you want. It’s much shorter than this Quotidian, I swear! :P


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