Quotidian n°53 – For he was gone as the night fell…

“… but on the fourth day he rose again.”

And I am back!

Yeah, I know, I didn’t even say that I was leaving. So what? I’m sure you missed me! No? Aw… come on, not even a little? You are despicable! *crying*

Anyway, yeah, I didn’t upload anything during the last few days for a good reason : I wasn’t available to do that. Since last friday I was gone to see my girlfriend to celebrate her father’s birthday and I only came back yesterday evening, plus today I had planned to meet with a friend and I just came back an hour and a half ago. So as you can probably imagine, I didn’t have much time to myself to write anything and much less to post it here. I did however do some thinking and had a lot of fun while I was away so I’m sort of pumped up to start posting again!

I have been wondering for a few days now what was the name of a song I had been hearing quite a lot on the radio and it irked me because each time I heard it I wrote down the time and radio it ran on to find it later on or I asked people around me if they knew the title but no one was able to give me an answer and I haven’t had any chance to look it up on the internet. Finally this evening, almost as soon as I came back, I jumped on my armchair and booted up my computer, I managed to find out its name. I didn’t have much trouble doing so, I had a rough aproximate time it had aired, the name of the radio and the day so I only had to go on their website and search.

After four or five songs that I tried I finally managed to find it and I was so happy I started to listen to it over and over again until now (I am still listening to it as I am writing this). Yes, this behavior is completely normal for me, when I find a song, or mutiple songs, that I like I enjoy listening to them a lot in the next few days. I usually do that until I get bored or annoyed with them, then I wait some time before listening to them again. Usually I find other songs that I like to listen to in the meantime, and I do the same thing with them and then the cycle repeats itself over and over. It’s basically the same process as with te books I read or the shows I write and the ‘post ending depression’ I fall after that. Yes, I am perfectly sane, why? (Mwahahahahaha! *gets up and runs away*)

Today I also played a bit of Bowling and Billiards with my friend, he won both Bowling matches and ended up beating me 158 to 148 (total score) which he was quite happy about and then we played some Billiards, he won the first game and I the two others. One interesting fact I must tell you about is that on the three games we played, the three were won (or lost, depending on the point of view) by putting in the black ball. Yeah, we’re awesome like that… We had fun though and we made quite a few good shots, I almost managed to sink a ball in by making it jump over another one, thing that I only managed once up ’til now.

So, yeah, after three days of absence I am back and motivated to post things, lots of things, all the things!

That’s all for today’s Quotidian, I’ll see you later people. Have a nice evening! ;)


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