Quotidian n°54 – What if you could live forever?

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way out. After all, we have eternity together…”

So, recently I’ve been watching a new show that’s called Forever. It’s about a guy, namely  Doctor Henry Morgan, who lived in the early 1800s, he was a doctor on a slave trade vessel and he died after trying to help the slaves get free. The interesting thing is, after getting dumped in the ocean he woke up and found out he had come back to life. From then on he experimented on himself by dying a few more times and always coming back to life in a nearby body of water and realized he had somehow become immortal. The story happens nowadays in New York where he works with the police as a medical examiner, of course he is quite skilled at his job due to his experience with death and his long years of life.

As you can see the pitch is a bit mitigated when you read it the first time, it seems quite interesting but, just like me when I read it the first time, you might be a bit afraid that the show would not be as good as what you may imagine. Well, if you’re still hesitant, let me help you : the show was really cool and I loved it! If you have the time and the curiosity do try it, you won’t regret it. It’s interesting, fun to watch and well done. And as the plot thickens a bit you will realize that the show has a lot of potential! Plus there are a few good songs all along the episodes, and that’s nice too.

The only problem is that, apparently and as I learned yesterday as I was watching he last episodes of the first season, there is and will be only one season because it has been cancelled. I was a bit surprised and disappointed by this news, I really was hooked with the characters; Henry’s timeless charm and endless knowledge makes him a bit of a Holmes and I love Sherlock Holmes! Plus his immortality reminds a bit of The (with a capital T) Doctor who also has a certain number of lives. Yes, those are two of my favorite shows so you might understand why it seemed attractive almost immediately.

But Forever does have its own charms and the plot, with its twists and turns, it’s flashbacks and revelations, makes it even more interesting. I won’t tell you much more about it so as not to spoil anything but it really is fun to watch! I don’t really understand why it would be cancelled, unless there weren’t many viewers, and even in that case I don’t understand why so few people would watch it. No, really, this news caught me by surprise and made me a bit sad. I did enjoy the finale, which I feel was a bit adapted to this abrupt ending as it didn’t really fit the image of the first season’s ending I had pictured earlier on. But it was nice and it left a lot of things open, in case someone ever wanted to continue the show, and that’s cool because I’ve seen many stories end sooner tan expected and rush their ending to try to give as much closure as possible, that’s not always the right choice, a bit of mystery remaining keeps the flame burning.

So, yeah, Forever is a good show, you have to try it if you can. It’s really worth the time! And what’s more it’s only one season long so that’s not much to watch!

Also, I posted a poem and a short text earlier. I know it might have seemed a bit strange or surprising but as some of you may realize now, it was linked to the show. I’d just watched an episode and I felt really inspired to write something so I did. I don’t know if there was any hidden meaning behind it at that moment but I do know that I felt particularly motivated to write. It’s The death of a king if you want to take a look at it! ;)

I just realized I had this post in my Drafts since yesterday, I completely forgot to post it. Damn it! -_-‘

Well, here it is anyway so enjoy!


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