Quotidian n°55 – Music is love, music is life.

“Dudududu dududududududududududu dududududu.” – Darude


It is still the morning where I live as I am writing this Quotidian. The weather is great, I feel rested and basically I am in a good mood! I just love these kind of day, where I can do things at my pace and take my time to do them right and as I want. During these kinds of mornings I usually take a long breakfast, chocolate milk with slices brioche and a glass of orange juice are my ‘pêché mignon’, I just love to eat it under a beautiful blue sky. And when I can do that and at the same time listen to some music (I’m not saying good music because I know that some people would disagree very much with me, so just music) that I enjoy, these are the best mornings. Almost paradise.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about how music is part of my life, almost on par with how romanticism is inherent to my stories. I love music. Not as a player or as a singer but as a listener. I enjoy listening to many kinds of music (unfortunately I can’t say all kinds). Music is part of my life because it makes me feel things that I still haven’t experienced in my life, it makes me happy or emotional and, most of all, it inspires me. Yeah, I’ve had so many good ideas while listening to songs that I enjoyed, many of them will be featured in my stories (the ideas, not the songs), you’ll see.

But yeah, music is a source of many things for me. The most important thing being that it inspires me a lot. Many other things in my every day life inspire me too but music is special. It helps me fuse the traces of ideas I have with the emotions I feel and the things I’ve seen in movies, books, etc., and it helps me fuse it into something that, after some thinking, becomes a full-fledged story (or at least part of one). I’ve had the idea of a whole part for Tales of Ore while listening to Coming Home from Diddy – Dirty Money, where a character (I won’t say who) sort of comes back home at one point, the lyrics as much as the music inspired me for that moment and, well, I’m really thankful to this song for existing because that part of the story sound awesome in my head so it should be the same once I write it!

I have the habit of listening to music almost all day long when I work on the computer or on my homework, it helps me distract myself a bit and it give a more lively vibe to what I’m doing. I don’t like every style of music, I do most of them though. Pop, rock, metal, electro, dance, a bit of rap and jazz here and there, disco, blues, classical and some others that I am to lazy to list here. I also like music from many different periods in time, not just music from nowadays. I don’t have a favorite artist I think, I love a lot of them, it doesn’t really depend on their style, more on each individual song. I also like what some people might call crap as much as ‘good music’ or ‘real music’ sometimes, don’t ask me why, I just do. I think I will always be attracted to electro sounds though, that’s what most of the music I grew up with was made of so it will probably stick with me for a long time.

I also enjoy dancing sometimes, while listening to some songs, like during parties or things like that. That’s what I did last friday night at my girlfriend’s father’s birthday, I danced. It was fun and sort of liberating. Music represents not only music for me, it’s also emotions, concepts, ideas and sometimes interesting lyrics. Like La Tribu de Dana by Manau, a french group, the song is a rap song about the celtic age and a war between two tribes. It’s in french so most of you might not know it, but I consider it to be a great song and it’s one of the rare rap songs I like and one of the rare songs I know the lyrics almost by heart! Which is quite a feat as even with my favorite songs I don’t really pay attention to the lyrics enough to remember them perfectly. (I do know what the story/theme is usually but I don’t make any effort to remember the lyrics).

Anyway, I love music and I think that I will do all my life! My favorite song, if I had to pick one, might be Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, I don’t know why but I can just listen to it over and over again without ever getting bored or annoyed!

Now, your turn to talk:

Do you like music? Why? What type?

See ya! ;)


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