Quotidian n°58 – Why do we exist?

 Why is number 59 posted before number 58? Strange…

Where do we come from? Where are we going? Who are we? These are very highly philosophical questions, to which I won’t give you an answer today. Seriously, do you imagine the work that it would require to even begin to scratch the surface of the possibilities that lie beyond? No thank you, I already have a lot of things to think about and to do in my life, no time for such mind games.

So, the day before yesterday my parents, my brother and I went to see some friends of ours that come by a few times a year when they’re on holidays and we spent the evening eating at their place. It was really fun and we had a great time, well at least I know I did and I assume the others did to.

Sometime during dinner my brother and I started talking about interesting facts and philosophical concepts, it was surely the late hour and my sole glass of wine that were the cause of that but, anyways, we did end up talking about some very interesting things. Like who invented the lightning conductor, how could we digitalize or clone someone’s mind or what kind of things matter is made of. It was really cool to talk about things like that with him and to be able to make conjectures for fun.

This made me think a bit later, when I was alone, about all those times in my life when I ask myself these kinds of existential questions and when I wonder about the weird mysteries of life, the universe and everything else. You know, those moments when you’re under the shower and you suddenly wonder why you get more inspired to write when you can’t than when you can. When you’re in the toilets and you suddenly wonder why the lighter was invented before the match or why the socio-economic status of a country is most of the time linked with the beginning of a conflict.

Or, and even worse, when you’re lying down in bed and you start to wonder what is after death, then you try to imagine what it’s like to be dead only to realize it’s extremely creepy and scary and then you can’t fall asleep for another hour because you simply don’t want to die without noticing it. Yeah, our brain has ways of making us use it at the strangest times.

I for one am prone to these episodes of unintentional philosophy where I suddenly start wondering about things without any apparent reason. I once caught myself wondering if people saw colors the same way I did in the middle of an experiment in my chemistry class in high school. I almost burned everything I had been working so hard (or, more correctly, what my partner had been working hard) to make. But it was an interesting question, to this day I have no definite answer but I think we all see variants of the same colors, we just can’t know if we’re all right or not in the association of the color and its name.

I enjoy having these kinds of thoughts on warm summer nights, when the sky is clear and I can lie around on the terrace and simply enjoy being alive for a moment. I do hope I’ll keep having these thoughts all my life because many of them have been very useful in inspiring me, I’ve had many ideas thanks to them and I’m still struggling with some details in my stories that I think I will solve one day by simply taking time to reflect on a specific philosophical weirdness.

Okay, that’s all for today, I’m too tired to write anything else. See you around!



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