Stanley – 27


Rated M for mature content.

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“Damn it!” Exclaimed Stephanie as she took a step back.

Michel looked at the cold corpse for a few seconds as silence took over the room and sighed.

“Eh bien, it looks like someone got to him before we did… Unfortunately.”

“Yeah, I don’t think he could’ve done this to himself. I also doubt he even could… Shit!”  Exclaimed Stephanie, letting out her frustration.

All this for nothing? This was all so frustrating! True, she hadn’t spent much time on this pseudo quest but The prophecy that had been given to her by the reincarnation of the turtle and the fact that she had found Michel to help her soon after had given her the impression that this quest was real and that she would somehow get to the end of it. That she would somehow find the bastard that had humiliated her and that she would be able to make him pay.

Yes, he was dead and it looked like he had suffered while leaving this world, but to her it wasn’t sufficient. She wanted to strangle him herself, to beat him senseless and, most importantly, to humiliate him as much as he had her. She thought back to that moment in the bank, she had only told the police what she wanted them to know but the truth was actually slightly different, she had indeed been in the director’s office doing her job as a secretary, but she hadn’t exactly been filing things.

In that moment, as Stephanie looked at the masked face, it came back to her in a flash. The director smiling at her as she came into the office and closed the door behind her. Him touching her round shaped buttocks and her kneeling under his desk, the slight feeling of disgust at what she was doing but the knowledge that it would be worth it. The the door breaking down and The Duck’s men, or more correctly The Duke’s, coming in and threatening to kill the man with greying hair if he didn’t comply.

He had been so frightened that he had not been able to refrain himself from leaking, almost causing her to suffocate. Then, the worst part of it, the robbers discovering her and making her continue what she was doing while she remained drenched in the hot and smelly liquid. The young woman shivered and shook her head, focusing back on what was before her. The man was hanging upside down in his fridge, his skin was taking a bluish color from the cold.

“Who could have done this?” Asked Michel, taking Stephanie out of her thought.

“I don’t know.” Replied Stephanie after a moment of silence.

“And what do we do now? Now that he’s dead I mean…” Questioned the man in his late thirties.

“I don’t know.” Replied the young woman again.

Was this all for nothing? Someone else had done her deed in her place, her revenge had been taken away from her and acted by another, so what was she supposed to do now?

To be continued…


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