Quotidian n°60 – Mo mo mo monster kill!

It’s not the sea who takes the man, it’s the man who takes the sea!


Today I began writing yet another story.

Yeah, as you know, I have this problem where I work on too many projects at the same time, and that makes finishing anything very hard if not almost impossible.

But diversifying my writing is also something that helps me be more creative and try new things. Also I dare hope that it somehow helps me improve myself in my story telling and my writing. Perhaps it doesn’t but hey, a man can dream.

Anyway, this one is something special I have been working on in parallel of another project, namely Tales of Ore, as it is a story that takes place many years before the events of Of shadow and feathers (and the books that will follow). It’s not linked to that story per say but there are some ties, things that explain some other things in Tales of Ore.

I won’t tell you much about it right now as it would spoil a few things both in that story and in Tales of Ore, but what I can tell you is that I’m trying to vary my writing style a bit with this one (very slightly but still, I’m trying something a bit different). Also the main character is older than the usual ones, which will also be a challenge to make it seem realistic, and the way I want to tell the story is a bit more complex so it will require a bit more work on my part.

I haven’t written two pages yet but I believe that this story may be a good way to distract myself while I work on the translation of Of shadow and feathers and of Echoes of Power because, although I love these two stories and I have so much ideas to work on with them, I find the translation part soooooo annoying and I hope to be done with it as fast as possible. Unfortunately I have a lot of work to do (12 more chapters for Of shadow and feathers and about 40000 more words for Echoes of Power) until I finally can work on the creative sides of each of these stories.

So, yeah,I’m still thinking about the title I could give to that story but I’ve already written a third of the introduction chapter so I should be done with it pretty soon and once I’m done with it I’m thinking about posting it on the blog and perhaps updating regularly if I feel inspired. I’d really like to get feedback on this one so once I do decide myself I’ll notify you guys if you want to know more about it. Tell me if you’d like that!

Apart from that I went out for a walk today and it was nice to breathe some fresh air, the weather wasn’t great all day, it poured down by moments, but it was sunny and warm, even if a little wet, when I left the house and it remained that way until I came back so it was fine!

Finally I wanted to end this post by saying this: this is the Quotidian number 60 (give or take a few for the days I didn’t bother to post one) and I am proud to have gotten this far in this adventure! For me, the Quotidian is less about talking about interesting things, to give you news about the stories or to update you on my personal life than to find a pretext to write every day. Writing every day is a habit I have to get into and I think that slowly but surely I’m getting there. Five hundred words per day isn’t much but that done every day starts to amount to a little bit.

If I only count the Quotidians, admitting that I have written a minimum of 500 words for each of them, multiplied by 60, it means that I have passed the 60 000 words bar today! That is something that I couldn’t ever have dreamed of if I had tried to keep going as I had been before. Writing every day is way harder than what I had thought but it is possible and I have made it this far so I’m sure I can keep going much farther!

I’m really tired tonight (you’ve probably noticed this was posted a bit late) and I can’t wait to go to bed so I’ll simply wish a good night/day to all of you and see you again tomorrow!

Bye for now!

PS: Also I’ve posted two chapters of Stanley recently, numbers 28 and number 29, go check them out! Number 30 is coming tomorrow! ;)

PPS: I’m addicted to this song since yesterday evening, can’t stop listening to it…


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