Stanley – 28


Rated M for mature content.

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She turned towards Michel and they remained like this, looking at each other without a word, for a long moment. The room was so silent they could hear the ticking of the large clock standing in the middle of the apartment, an eternity seemed to pass before Stephanie finally breathed again. Only then did she realize she had been holding her breath all this time. She sighed deeply and shot one more look at the corpse in the fridge before she turned around, rubbing her forehead to try to fight against her growing headache.

“Stephanie?” It was Michel who had spoken. “Tout va bien?”

The young woman looked at him for a moment before she replied. Her voice was flat and without any emotion, as if she was replying by reflex more than because she wanted to talk.

“Yeah, I’m fine Michel, just a little…”

“Lost?” He completed her sentence.

“Yeah…” She responded, looking through the large window of the living room. “This wasn’t exactly what I had expected…”

There was another silence. She looked at the clear sky and the bright sun, still floating in the sky. The faint sound of police sirens could be heard in the background and a flock of birds flew past the building they were in, probably searching for some food. Michel looked at her, he could somehow understand what was going on through her head at the moment. She had hoped for a chance to get her revenge and it had been robbed from her at the last moment, that wasn’t something that was easy to accept.

He was nervously playing with a small piece of paper, mentally giving it shapes without having to touch it. That was one of the good points of his power, he could pull off some complex origami shapes with ease and he had found that he was quite good at it too. It had become something he would do whenever he wanted to get his mind off things, his hands seemed to automatically reach for a nearby piece of paper and he would fiddle with it until he felt better and more relaxed. If not very useful, his ability was at least aesthetic.

“I don’t know what to do…” Suddenly commented Stephanie. “What am I supposed to do now?” She asked, looking at him as if she hoped he would give her an answer.

He could have, he had plenty of ideas of what she could do to get over this dark period of her life, plenty of things she could experience and discover. But he did not voice his idea, knowing that it wouldn’t be much help if she wasn’t ready to move on on her own.

“I don’t know ma chère. That is for you to decide…” He calmly told her as he looked at her with a caring gaze. “Mais for the moment, we should consider what to do with him.” He added as he pointed towards the bank robber’s corpse.

To be continued…


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