Stanley – 29


Rated M for mature content.

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“Yeah.” Replied Stephanie as she looked back as the corpse. “Yeah, right!” She added as she seemed to regain her bearings.

The young woman’s brain went on overdrive as she tried to think of what they should do now. After all they had penetrated in an appartment without any authorization, they had discovered the body of a dead man and hadn’t reported it immediately to the police and, worse yet, they had gone around the appartment touching things and putting their DNA all over the place.

Whatever they would do next was something that had to be thought through very carefully. They couldn’t simply  calk out of there, close the door and go back home as if nothing had happened, this would be very bad for them both. But she didn’t know what they could do at that point to improve their situation. What are we supposed to do? She was starting to panick, this wasn’t going as she had imagined it would.

Well, if it had, we’d have been in about the same situation anyway. Perhaps even dead by now, she thought. So what to do? As if reading her mind, Michel voiced her worries a moment after.

“Donc what do we do now?” Asked the bearded man as he looked at her, a bit lost.

“I… I uh…” The young woman hesitated, thinking about the different outcomes this situation could have before finally deciding herself.

“I think the best thing for us to do is to clean up the place as best as possible, we have to get rid of any trace of our passage so that the police won’t be looking for us. I don’t know how much time we have until someone gets curious but, even if I did want that bastard dead I don’t want them to pin this murder of me!” She exclaimed as she started looking around for anything that they migth have touched or moved.

“D’accord, let’s do that then!” Agreed Michel with a nod.

They both got to work, starting by retracing each of their steps since they had entered the appartment. In the next half hour they managed to put everything back in its place or at least what they thought was its place. None of them had any experience in this kind of situation but they had watched enough TV shows to know that they had to be very careful. For once, humanity’s addiction to the small screen medium prooved to be more useful than just learning about the exact price of things in Stephanie’s oppinion. Thank god I subscribed to Netflix…

As she was looking around the bedroom one more time, checking if she had forgotten anything, she heard Michel call for her once again.

“What is it?” She asked as she rushed back to where the older man was.

“I think I found something.” He replied as he motionned towards the fridge.

“What do you mean you found something?” She asked curiously, looking at the hanging corpse with its mask still on.

“Eh bien, don’t you think this is a bit unsual?” He asked, pointing to the lump of butter that was starting to melt in the fridge.

To be continued…

…in the last chapter of Stanley.

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