YOU Come Up With the Title – 10 Writerly Confessions

This is litteraly taking the words out of my mouth! I feel like I could’ve written each and every one of these points… x)

apprentice, never master

1. I’m not a Coffee-Shop writer. I’m a Lock Myself in my Room and Halt Work Immediately When Someone Else Enters Like I Have Been Caught Trying to Smuggle Contraband Beagles writer. Because most of the time when I’m writing, I’m also mouthing my own dialogue and making faces.

2. It took me twelve years to finally follow the first piece of writing advice I was ever given: write every day. No particular reason, I’m just slow. (Now, I want a cape and a mask and a costume so that I can run around to every writer I know and shout “WRITE EVERY DAY!” because, who wouldn’t listen to the Masked Crusader of Creative Consistency?)

3. I have been working on one novel since I was fourteen years old. I have taken breaks to work on other projects – I have even completed other projects – but I have…

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