Stanley – 30


Rated M for mature content.

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“What the fuck…?” Silently voiced the young woman as she noticed what he was talking about.

A large black feather was stuck to the yellowish substance. How could that have gotten stuck there? She couldn’t expain it to herself, unless a bird had been kept alive in that fridge, but why would anyone do that? Unless… Unless it was the one who had beat her to her revenge, unless it was a message he had left behind, a signature ot mark his passage. Stephanie looked at the feather, it was as black as night, no, even darker than that, as if it was darkness itself.

“What do you think it is?”

Michel’s voice shook her out of her thoughts and she looked at him for a moment, registering his question.

“Uh… I don’t really know… Maybe the one who did this to him left that behind to mark his passage here…” She replied, not sure of her answer but unable to formulate any other logical explanations for it.

“Peut-être…” Commented Michel more to himself than to reply to her.

“Are you finished here?” The young woman then asked, looking around to see if anything else needed to be checked.

“Oui, pretty much. This appartment is really nice though, it’s vraiment dommage that we have to leave…” Commented Michel with a sigh.

“Yeah, well I don’t want to go to jail, or worse, for this. Especially since I didn’t do it so I think it’s better we don’t stay.” Said the young woman as she looked back at the fridge.

She frowned, hesitant to do what she had in mind. It was probably a bad idea, as reckless as it would be useless, but still she was thinking about it. She looked at Michel once more and saw that he too was frowning, before eciding herself. The young woman carefully reached inside the fridge, past the cold corpse, and carefully took the feather in her hand without touching anything else.

“What are you doing ma chère?” Asked Michel, curious.

“I’m angry at the one who did this ’cause I wanted to do it myself but I don’t want him or her to get caught for this either, if I could I would rather thank them for it.” She replied with a small smile.

“Oh, intéressant!” Exclaimed the bearded man as he smiled back.

“Yeah, well in these few days I’ve realized many things and the fact that I can’t always be in control of everything is one of them, even I need help sometimes…” Said the young woman as she straightened herself, putting the feather in he pocket. “In our short time together I have at least learned this, I can thank you for that. Merci.” She added, smiling, before giving the older man a peck on the cheek.

“Mais de rien mademoiselle.” He replied with a broad smile.

“We shouldn’t stay here too long, someone might see us.” The young woman said as she walked towards the door, waiting for her new found friend.

“Coming!” He exclaimed as he looked around one last time and making sure to take the small notepad he had found before walking towards the door.

The sun was already quite low in the sky and even though the faint sound of cars and police sirens could be heard coming from the street, Stephanie somehow felt okay again. Perhaps she hadn’t managed to get revenge but now she could put all this behind her and start her life once again, perhaps even with a handsome, though a bit stupid sometimes, bearded man. Who knew? Life had its mysterious ways…

The end.

Or is it?

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