Quotidian n°61 – What if the earth was square?

Imagine an invisible sandwich. Like, you’d be eating it and everybody would think you’re crazy!

What if it was flat instead of round? Would people fall over the edge? Or would we just have to take a step and we’d find ourselves on the other side of the cube? These are really interesting questions and if you wish to get the answers to some of them, well, I’m not going to give them to you ’cause I want to talk about other things. But you can always go take a look at VSauce’s video on flat earth theory! ;)

Today I watched Big Hero 6, the animated movie about the San Fransokyo team of super heroes. I had a good feeling when I decided to watch it earlier this evening, I had heard good things about the movie and I had found the trailer really funny! Plus I quite liked the art style in which it was made. The only thing that remained was for me to watch it and earlier today I decided myself to do so. And. It. Was. Awesome! :D

I really love it from beginning to end! The art is awesome, the characters and backgrounds are beautiful and the colors… wow. Plus the story is really cool, the characters are fun and the plot is really enjoyable despite being a bit predictable. There were a lot of smiles from my part all along and quite a number of laughs too so I can safely say that the movie is funny, but that’s not all, it has also got suspense and a good dose of action, all the things a movie needs to be awesome. In three words : I liked it! A lot. (Okay, that’s five but who cares.)

Now I really want a Baymax with me, because :

Okay, yeah, it’s also useful if ever I get injured but the white robot is so funny (that’s mostly due to his clumsiness), both in appearance and in personnality. He’s a big lovable ball of hot air!

Also I loved the movie’s few plot twists (don’t worry, not spoiling here), especially the one that revealed that the movie was adapted from a Marvel comic book, which I didn’t know at all, that little node to the Marvel franchise was awesome and made me laugh! I did a bit of research after the movie was over to see what the comics were about but in the end I didn’t read much, I didn’t want to spol the story for myself, especially since I learned that there would apparently be a Big Hero 7! :D

Anyway, I loved it and so should you so, whether you like animation movies or not, give it a try, it’s really worth it!

Finally, I’d like to end this Quotidian on the fact that I posted Stanley chapter 30 today which marks the end of the story… at least this part of the story! Ha! Gotcha! Nah, just kidding, I wouldn’t end the story this way. It was in my plan all along to make you think I’d do it though, plus it doesn’t seem so farfetched considering that the whole thing is completely stupid to begin with. Anyway, yeah, the first part of Stanley has ended, part II should begin soon and don’t worry, it’s not over yet! ;)

Okay, that’s all for today folks, see you later!


Dang, I wanted to post this yesterday but I didn’t have any time to finish it after dinner, that was so annoying… Anyways, sorry for the delay and enjoy! :)


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