Quotidian n°63 – Grmblblblblblb!

I’m telling you that dude just gives me the heebiedabajeebies.


Hey, wat’cha doin’? *smiles and wiggles eyebrows*

I haven’t published anything today yet, though I have a post I’m working on and that should come later in the evening if everything is fine and which is a response to a prompt I found today and that was quite interesting. I don’t think I’ll post much else though I will be writing quite a bit later on.

Today I want to talk about something that has been making me angry and frustrated since yesterday evening and I really can’t keep it to myself. So, you might know by now, I have been avidly following the TV show Grimm over the past few weeks. I have reached the middle of the fourth season yesterday with episode 13 and, while the ending of the episode was awesome the central plot, the investigation of the shop that had burned mysteriously.

While a good number of the critics on this episode have been about the fact that the special effects of the burning man and the few explosions weren’t very realistic I didn’t find anything to say about it. Of course it wasn’t as good as in a movie but I know it’s a TV show so it doesn’t have the same budget nor the same post production time. This is why having poor special effects, and I’m not saying those for Grimm are bad, doesn’t bother me much. I loved Doctor Who and god knows they have poor special effects…

No, what bothered me was something else entirely. I loved how they did a cameo with a character that had previously been seen in the show, in the first season, and that had a not-so-good-relationship with both the main character and his friends, that was fun to watch. But what really pissed me off was the fact that *SPOILER ALERT* the bad guy, who is a type of Wesen (the supernatural creatures in the show) that can lit himself on fire didn’t reference at all the one that had been seen in season 2. Because yeah, we had already had a flaming bad guy in the second season two.

Some idiots might tell you that yeah, we have already had one but it wasn’t the same thing. This time it was a Wesen, which means he was half human half creature, and the other time it was an unknown type of creature, almost god like and it was made of stone and could burn everything around it. To which I would reply yes, but why didn’t they mention it at all during the whole episode? I mean, come on guys! In all the four seasons of the show up to now, you’ve had like only three Wesen who could create fire, a dragon-like one, a rock-fire humanoid godlike creature and the flammable guy in that episode.

How in the world could Nick (the main character) and Hank (his colleague and partner in the police force) NOT think about the Volcanalis (the rock guy that can burn anything) when they heard about the Excandesco (the guy that can put himself on fire)?!!! I know it has been a long time, two years in the show if I’m counting right, but come on, you don’t forget a Volcanalis like that. So why, a thousand times why, didn’t they reference it? It’s true they knew for sure it was Wesen this time, whereas they didn’t with the Volcanalis, but even so, how do you not wonder?!

Okay, you might think that this is a just a detail, that I’m making a huge thing out of a simple little mistake or an oversight, and ou may be right. I know I’m blowing things out of proportion here, but that’s because this is something that hits very close to home. When I watch a show, I love to see the coherence in things and when things like this happen and I notice them, well I get really annoyed. The main reason is that I, as a writer, try to keep the events of my stories in check to be able to not forget to mention important things like that and to not make it seem like the story was beginning anew at each episode.

So, yeah, I know it a TV show, that each episode has its own storyline, its own plot, and that the writers and directors change sometimes which makes it difficult for them to keep in mind everything, every little detail, that has been mentioned in it. But it should be done, it should be their job to make sure little things like that don’t happen… That is, to me, one of the most important things to make sure of when you write a story : that it remains coherent all along. Not necessarily that it be completely understandable of logical, but that the coherence be observable over the complete duration of the plot line.

The other example of something like this happening that I have is with Brunch in Dragon Ball Z, which the author simply forgot… Yeah, that’s not cool fro the character… Plus I quite liked that gentle woman who could turn completely crazy and murderous just by sneezing.

Whew… I think I’m finished. I don’t know why but, as we would say in french “J’en avais gros sur la patate” with this thing. To think a small detail like that could get on my nerves so much…

Anyways, thanks for reading and, if you’re a fan of Grimm (or TV shows in general), tell me if you do agree with me or not. In the meantime, be sure to check it out, it’s really awesome!

That’s all for today, see you around folks! :D


EDIT : It’s number 63, not 62… -_-‘


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