Response to a prompt – V is for Visual

Thank you to PromptSmith for this cool idea of a prompt!

Basically, the goal of this visual prompt (you can go check out the original prompt if you want), is to create a piece of writing that is inspired by an image or a picture, I find this idea quite fun to do because I usually really get inspired by these kinds of things. Images, pictures, movies, songs are all things that somehow trigger my plot machine and it helps me imagine new scenes and events that I could add to the story.

So, here is the image I have chosen and the short text it has inspired me:

I know that this is supposed to be a creative exercise, where you write (or were you ‘art’) what the image inspires you but I wanted to do something a bit different. I am still going to talk about what this particular image inspired me but I am not going write a short story or a poem, I’m just going to describe how one particular idea came to me.

This is an image of the Doctor, going back or coming out of the TARDIS and surrounded by a completely black background. And it inspired me for an awesome scene in one of my stories, namely the story named We are the living. I wanted to depict a scene where one of the characters arrives in just the nick of time to save everyone and this awesome piece of art did the trick.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what happens in the story, because that would be spoiling one of the major plot devices, but what I can tell you is that jus by looking at this I had three new ideas condensed in one: what the situation would be and what would have caused it, what would happen to the characters and what they would try to do to make things better and finally the event that would turn the story around and become a plot twist and one of the big reveals of the story.

This image not only makes me really excited, mostly because I’m a huge fan of the Doctor Who series and I can’t have enough of number 12 (and especially his theme), but it also made me think about things that I wouldn’t have thought of in any other case and that, over time, inspired me to find a great idea for the plot of the story. I don’t know how to describe it when it happens but it’s really awesome to be able to feel the rush of the moment when you have an awesome idea. That happens a to me even if, unfortunately, all my ideas aren’t as good as I first think or if I forget them.

But feeling like you suddenly have something that the tip of your fingers can almost touch and then suddenly hearing something or seeing something that helps you unlock this idea is the best thing in writing I think. This image of the Doctor did it for me and I would like to thank whoever made this because one, it’s awesome as a background image and two, it helped me a lot!

One day, maybe, you will have the chance to read the few lines that this inspired to me and you will be as blown away as I was when I imagined the scene. My only hope is that it will be as great as what I envision! But for now you will have to be contempt knowing I have an idea and that it will be awesome.

Thanks for reading and thank you for this great prompt PromptSmith!

PS: I have to say that this image wasn’t my first choice when I started thinking about what I would write for this prompt but the other one I had, which would have been a real creative text, seemed far to complicated to condense in a short post so I decided to wait and keep it locked in my draft case until I feel motivated enough to tackle the ideas I have and to write the whole thing down.


3 thoughts on “Response to a prompt – V is for Visual

  1. Excellent visual! I love that picture and the thought process that goes along with it! I’ve always thought that analyzing your creative process is more than half of the “creative battle”. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we feel and why we feel it when experiencing something, but when you are able to achieve that, only greatness awaits! Keep up the great work, I love reading your writings!


    • Yeah, thinking about how we think is hard… That’s why I usually let myselfthink without overthinking it (that’s a lot of ‘think’ for a short paragraph like this). I like to get into the mood and just go wherever it takes me. Thank you for reading, I’m glad you liked it! :D

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