Quotidian n°64 – I once again found myself too lazy to write yesterday’s quotidian…

It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

So yeah, yesterday, once again I was much to lazy to write anything for a Quotidian so I ended up not doing it despite being quite motivated to write all day. Plus I completely forgot to write it. And I didn’t have much to say. Today I have things to talk about and I am doing it so, hopefully, it should be fine.

I was still quite productive yesterday since I managed to finish the short story I had told you guys about, you know, the one with the demons and stuff. It’s called The Lord of the Red Moon, you have to read it to understand part of the reason I’ve named it like that, and I am quite proud of what I have managed to do with the ideas I had. I wanted to try to simplify my writing a bit, make it more fluid and easy to understand (because usually I tend to do extra long sentences and that can get quite annoying quite fast, believe me). I also had a precise idea of what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, I’m quite happy to announce that I have managed to do a good job of turning these ideas into a story (at least in my opinion). I would love to get your reviews on it and to know what you think of the short, that would mean a lot to me!

Also I did publish another post for a prompt that I had found on another blog, it’s called V for Visual and the goal was to write a piece whilst getting inspired by an image. I didn’t quite do that but I still enjoyed the idea! You van go check it out if you’re interested! ;)

Now, about today. I’ve watched the first episodes of a few different TV shows these last few days and I’ve had a few good surprises and a few bad ones. One new show I knew would not be awesome was Beauty and the Beast, a modern adaptation of the fairy tale of the same name, but I still gave it a shot. I was quite disappointed by the first episode where every single interesting plot point of the story is given during the first half. I found that really frustrating because there was virtually no suspense left after the first 20 minutes. And the show’s pace was a bit too fast for me, I felt like they were mentioning things without going into details about anything, that was also a bit frustrating. Fortunately it manages to keep the interest up during the next few episodes and despite the fact that I haven’t watched much more yet I think the series has a correct potential. I think I’ll watch a bit more later.

The second show I started was Super Girl, an adaptation of the comic books with the same name and made by the same guys that do Arrow and The Flash. Unfortunately the exact same problem happened for the first episode, once again everything seemed to be revealed in only a few minutes and parts that I felt weren’t explored in depth (namely the time Super Girl spends trying to hide her identity before taking up the costume and the moment where she designs her costume) and even a bit rushed. However the special effects and the ideas behind the scenario seem quite good so I’d say that it has potential even if it was a bit disappointing in the first episode. I’ve only seen the single episode that has aired yet but I’d definitely watch the next one.

Lastly, the third show I started was by far the best of the three. It’s The man in the high castle, adapted from Philip K. Dick’s book with the same name. I knew nothing of this show before I started, I had never even heard of the book before, but the title intrigued me and I was immediately enthralled by the intro, the music took me aback and I wanted to know more about those weird maps of the US. Apparently it a story about the people of the USA after the victory of the Nazis during the second world war, a uchronia as I have learned such a story is named a few years ago. The plot seems thick and intricate, the background (as much visually as scenaristically) in amazing and I already like the characters, I can’t wait to know more. Now, I haven’t read the book (or books, I need to research this) so I don’t know if the TV show will respect Dick’s creation but I have high hopes that it will be awesome and I definitely want to know more. I will devour the next episode!

That is all for today folks, if you have time on your hands and want to try something new you know what to do! ;)

See you later!


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