Quotidian n°68 – Today I went to the zoo.

And just where are you giants from? We’re from New York and we- All hail the New York Giants!

I have finally come back to my sweet home after this awesome week spent with my girlfriend!

As I said in my previous posts we had planned to go to the zoo this week and we finally did yesterday afternoon. It was awesome,

Well, not today actually, more like the day before yesterday. I came back home yesterday after an awesome week with my awesome girlfriend. It was great and it passed so fast!

As I said in my previous posts we had planned to go to the zoo this week and we finally did on Thursday and it was awesome. It’s a not a big zoo the atmosphere there and the scenery are great, it’s like being in a labyrinth of vegetation in the beginning and then in a huge garden with animal roaming around almost freely. Almost, because most of them are in cages, or rather big pens (I didn’t now that word also meant the animals’ houses in a zoo before writing this post), even if it seems like they’re in them of their own free will. But they have a lot of space and that’s really awesome!

Plus the zoo is not just a zoo, it’s also a natural reserve and a place where animals species that are endangered are protected and helped to, well to put it bluntly, not go extinct. I know the weather is not always great here and that it’s perhaps not the usual habitat/climate they’re used to but I believe the animals are taken care of very well there. Plus they have great pens, where their natural habitats are recreated as best as possible, they try to make it as  close as what they would be faced with in the wild.

There were tigers, white panthers, lemurs (which were funny to watch), wild dogs (which were really cute), wild cats (which we sadly didn’t see), a red panda (that we almost missed too), porcupines, camels, prehistoric horses (like the ones we can see on cave paintings), a lot of strange and cute birds like flamingos, ibis, ducks and a demoiselle crane that kept following us when we entered the aviary(the bird-cage). There were small bears too, I don’t know if they were young or just usually small but they didn’t seem as big as what I imagined. There also were goats and baby goats (which were soooo kawai!) and cloud rats (which live in the dark I believe and are like coypus).

We had a great time discovering all these animals and walking around their pens, the water points and the trees. The scenery was really enjoyable and, what was even better, it didn’t rain! It was cloudy all day and we feared it would rain but it didn’t and that was really nice. Plus the temperature wasn’t really low, it wasn’t warm but it wasn’t cold either. The only two down sides I could find to this visit is that we missed the events with the animals, which was a little disappointing even if we got to see said animals later, and my feet hurt after three hours of walking around. But other than that it was really awesome! We had a great time! It’s great to be back home but I miss my other half already.

While I was at her place I managed to write a bit, as you may have noticed; I posted a few Quotidians and I also managed to work on my other stories, even if I thought I wouldn’t be able to do much. I made progress on the next chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers and despite not having finished it yet, I’m more than halfway through so it should be online soon. Also I’ll start working ont he second part of Stanley, which isn’t over yet, and part 31 should be online soon too!

In the mean time, I have things I want to do and places I need to be (namely eating and my couch) so that’ll be all for today, see you around people! ;)


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