Quotidian n°69 – This morning I dreamt I could fly.

I have a dream! An alien spaceship is trying to steal all the bunnies to destroy the concept of butter once and for all. Wait, wut?!

Yep, this morning I had a strange but awesome dream where I found out that I could fly! Well, it was during a manhunt where I was the hunted one, with my girlfriend (I think) and her family, and some strange organization wanted to kidnap them, not so much me, to either do experiments on them or ransom their lives, I don’t remember correctly. Either way they were in danger and, as her boyfriend, I couldn’t let her and her family get kidnapped so easily, I had to help her. So I did and we ended up doing a car chase, boat chase, foot chase and many other types of chases in a span of a few hours in my dream.

It all started while we were calmly eating at some house, I don’t think it was her house but all her family was there. And then, suddenly, we had to get in the car fast and drive away because they were coming. I didn’t even think about who they could be but I knew that they meant danger and that we had to run. Her parents were driving and we were in the back seat, we had a long car chase through the city and through the woods, they tried to lure us with someone who looked exactly like my girlfriend’s mother but since she was in the car we didn’t kept going.

I think at some point we got separated with her family and I found myself alone, in the rocky mountains, with a gliding suit and I was flying along the high rocks, it was awesome but I was still trying to outrun the men that were after us. I passed a sort of old westerny-looking city with a railroad station made of bricks and finally reunited with my girlfriend and her family once night had fallen. We were in a big city but made of small houses and gardens and we were running across these gardens.

That’s when, thank to my experience with the gliding suit, I remembered the feeling of flying and within a few tries I was doing it on my own. It was more like floating in the air because I couldn’t move very fast and I had to push myself on the walls but I was somehow flying and it was awesome. We found ourselves in the underground floor of a house at some point and after a short confrontation with the men chasing after us in the large garage we fled in the basement and I stayed behind to slow the men down.

That’s when I understood they weren’t really after me but after the others, I was floating in a large storage room and taking down the enemies when one of them, probably a lieutenant of the big boss came after me. He had these poisoned pins that he was putting everywhere in the room for me to get hurt and die, he was trying to lure me towards them with his gun though he didn’t use it even once.

That was the funniest and most ridiculous part of my dream because I managed to defeat him but throwing a platter full of orange and other fruits that had been trapped with a few of his pins. He got hit and before falling to the ground he yelled and swore. He said something like “You got me with two doses, I’m going to die! Damn you!” and then he fell to the ground, dead. I somehow managed to catch up with my girlfriend and her family by getting out through the chimney and half running half floating across the gardens of the city and we managed to flee the city by boat I think after reaching a small wooden hangar near the lake.

Then I woke up.

I really don’t know what to think of that dream, it was really stupid and scary (or stressful) but really awesome! It’s rare that I manage to remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning but when I do they’re always really weird like this one. It wasn’t the first time that I dreamt of flying (always the same way, that half-flying half-floating technique) and I think I’d rank it in second position in terms of best flying dream. Anyways, I really enjoyed it and I was so happy when I woke up this morning that I almost danced a little!

Do you guys have weird dream experiences like that?

Thanks for reading, I hope you had a great day!


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