Quotidian n°71 – To be or not to be

Why make do things simply when you can do it in a far more complicated way?


Today I don’t really have much to say about anything, it was a very uneventful day for me. So uneventful that I didn’t even muster the courage to work on Stanley part 31… I did write on other projects however, like Echoes of Power, but I mostly did nothing. So I won’t do a long Quotidian post, yeah, sorry to disappoint you people.

I can say that chapter number 13.5 of Forging is online however, that I managed to do today at least!

Okay, to try to make up for it here is a video of funny and cute cats for yout o watch for ten whole hours, enjoy! ;)

See ya later guys!

Ps: yes, VERY short post today, sorry.


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