Quotidian n°73 – To those out there who are still awake.

What time is it? Time to dancedance babey!


Hello all! :D

Sorry about the delay for today’s Quotidian, I wanted to do it much earlier but one, I didn’t have the courage, two I was focused on other things and three there was an awesome live stream from the great ZeratoR tonight where he played Minecraft with other french streamers and it was so great I decided to watch and completely put this thing aside… Anyways, he won beautifully and I am really happy!

So about today, well I posted Stanley part 31 a few minutes earlier, I had it almost finished since this morning but I didn’t find the courage to complete the few sentences I had to add until late tonight… Damn! We’re almost tomorrow here, two minutes and the day is over as I am writing these words. One minute. I have to hurry! So, I know I promised to talk about a few things today but since it is already so late and I have an appointment with a friend tomorrow morning to play tennis (yeah, it’s gonna be cool! :D) I won’t be very long and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow instead. I promise this time I will truly do! Pinky swear!

I’m just going to talk about a new game I tried today, Path of Exile, I don’t know if some of you have heard about it or know it. It’s really cool, not the usual kind of game I would play but still fun. It’s a mmorpg where you play a character stranded on an island and who was to go against barbarians, cannibals, zombies and monsters (well at least, that’s what I’m fighting right now) and you have to level up to get stronger. The game is in third person view, which isn’t my favorite choise of gameplay for a mmorpg, and it has a locked screen, which means it follows your character and is not free, which I usually don’t like. (It’s what made me stop League of Legends the first time so, yeah…)

But I sorta got used to it and this time, ’cause yeah, it’s the second time I try PoE for short, I really got into the story and things and in the character I’m playing so it’s a lot more interesting and fun than the first time! Plus I’m really intrigued by the really huge skill tree (so many possibilities, which I love!), the story and the gameplay the game has to offer! But what really makes me want to play this time is that I have a few people who have offered to play with me if I wanted, some real-life friends and some internet friends, so I should have some fun if we decide to play together, which is really cool!

The only downsides I can think of are these two: can’t decide of a name for my future Templar character, which really is a dilemma since I have two or three great ideas but I can’t decide between each of them. And the second one is that it’s going to take me some time to get to and advanced state in that game because I don’t want to play too much and I know I might get bored very fast if I’m not very interested. But other than that it really seems great so I’ll give it a shot!

Okay, that’s all for today, more tomorrow people! See you later! :D


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