Quotidian n°74 – Today I went outside.

We have to go where no geek has dared to go. Out in the open. You are crazy!

Good evening people of the internets! How have you been doing? I have been doing great today, I have an awesome day!

First, this morning I met with an old friend and we had a fun time playing tennis, the weather was nice so we played outside. It was really cool being able to do that because it’s always more fun to play with people who know how to play and although I don’t have a very high level, he is quite good so it was quite nice! We didn’t get to play very long because some other group has reserved the court but we still managed to squeeze in for a short hour and it was cool! Then, instead of just leaving, we went to what you would call a yard sale I think, though it wasn’t in yards but in a gymnasium, and I managed to find a few interesting books that I bought. Namely The animals’ farm by Orwell and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, that I still hadn’t read despite the fact that I wanted to, I’ll be able to spend a few hours doing that during th next few days. This allowed us to talk a bit before each going our way as it was time for lunch and we were hungry.

Then, this afternoon I went to see my girlfriend and we spent an awesome afternoon and evening visiting a huge floral garden that the owner had been taking care of for more than thirty years, it was huge and really awesome to see all those trees, hedges and flowers so well taken care of! It was really relaxing and gorgeous to see! Then went to take a walk on the coast, which is beautiful in that part of the region , and we almost spent an hour and a half talking, walking and looking at the scenery. It truly is an amazing place to see and visit, especially during these hours of the day, the sun was starting to set and it gave a beautiful lighting to the coast and its cliffs and to the surface of the sea. Yep, this was really awesome.

And then, we finished our evening at a small seaside restaurant that looked like a restaurant that one would find with a camping with large cloth used to make the ceiling and the walls of part of the place, it was a really open space which gave the impression to eat outside while we were having a barbecue, this was really nice. Plus the weather was awesome all day, for once there was not one cloud in the sky and the sun was warm, almost hot. I think this was the best part of the day, having such a beautiful weather to visit the places we went to visit. It was awesome to be able to spend time with my dear love because we don’t have as much time together as we’d like, and I’m really happy it turned out that well!

As you may understand I didn’t have much time during the day to do much writing or anything related to this blog, even if I had planned to do something, so I didn’t have anything to post today. At least I had quite a few things to talk about for this Quotidian, and that’s cool. I should be able to write a bit tomorrow so that’ll help getting some more of the work done but I still don’t know when the next chapter of anything will be out yet. Except for Stanley which will be online tomorrow!

Okay, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading and see you later folks! ;)


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