Quotidian n°75 – Three quarter of a hundred

Welcome to the 75th annual Hunger Games!

Hello people!

I realized this morning that, in my great distractedness I hadn’t even posted a Quotidian yesterday, even though it was supposed to be the number 75, which usually mark some sort of birthday or milestone in the road to old age. The fact that I have reached such a number of posts means that I have been able to write them quite consistently and regularly for a moment now. It also means, and that is mostly because I haven’t been very thorough in posting them, that I have been taking care of this blog for, at least, more than 75 days!

That count isn’t exact since I started the blog in late February but only began the Quotidians by late March/early April I think. Nonetheless it is quite an achievement to me, I have managed to do it despite my shaky confidence in myself. I am both really proud to have been able to make it this far with this project (I mean the Quotidians, writing something random every day which is at least 500 words long), and a bit scared that at one point I won’t have anything to talk about anymore considering all the writing I’ve been doing.

I think it’ll be fine though, I’ll just have to improvise… Plus, it’s not like I intended this post series to be like this in the beginning anyway. What I wanted to do was a simple reminder of what I had posted each day for you to find it more easily. Unfortunately, since I don’t post things everyday (except this) I didn’t always have writings of mine to promote so I had to improvise. Over time the Quotidian sort of became a daily account of my activities or a post where I review movies, books or things I’ve read, watched or heard that day or week.

I don’t know if it is interesting to you readers or if you always like to read what I have to say (or, more correctly, write) but it’s a necessary exercise that I have to keep practising because it helps me get the habit of writing a bit everyday, which is very important for an author I heard. I did improve a bit, now I can write a Quotidian a lot more easily than in the first days, I can almost write it without thinking. That sometimes ends up being incomprehensible despite my efforts, but at least I know what I wanted to say and I wrote my 500 words.

Anyways. I’m really happy to have come this far and I hope that someday I will have gained enough confidence and experience to finally finish my book. As of today though I have almost completed chapter 8 (or 9, I don’t remember) of Of Shadow and Feathers so I should be able to post it. But until I have finished translating the rest of what I have already written I won’t be able to do any creative writing on it and that is really annoying because I hate translating. it’s really annoying… x)

Thank you to all the people who have decided to follow this blog, those who take time to read what I write and those who take time to comment or like my posts. It’s really enjoyable to know that you enjoy reading me and it’s very motivating too!

That is all for now. I’ll see you later today for another Quotidian, which will really be a Quotidian as it will be on time.

In the mean time I wish you all a good day and I hope you are well!


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