Quotidian n°76 – I have a lot of projects in mind and I need help!

Imagination is easy. Breathing life to your creations is hard.

So much to do, so little time.

It’s official, I have to many ideas and projects in mind to make them all come to life as I want. To many scenarios, characters and plots I want to fit here and there, that I want to develop and turn into full-fledged stories.

The main project that I have in mind and that I would love to see coming to life is the adaptation of the stories I imagined into comics/web comics/mangas. This is something I would very much like to do myself but seeing as I can’t draw at all I am looking for an artist who would like to collaborate with me on this project. If you want more details you can go take a look at the post I wrote a few months back, Writer looking for artist, where I explain a bit more what I want to do, how and why.

I have already had contacts with a few artists who seemed to be interested but sadly they all were already occupied with other projects or didn’t want to invest time in something that wasn’t paid. As of now I still can’t promise to pay someone who would agree to collaborate with me, the only ‘payment’ I could offer is the fact that this story would be a shared project and that I would very much like to publish it, either on the internet or on paper, or both.

What I want is not an artist working for me, I’m looking for someone who would be motivated by the prospect of working on the plot of the story as much as the ‘art’, someone who would like to give life to Of Shadow and Feathers (or Echoes of Power) with me, not just for me. I have plenty ideas as to how this could be done and I would love nothing more than to exchange about said ideas with someone. I wish to collaborate on every aspect of the story. But I need someone who can draw it for me because it is a talent I lack very much.

I don’t know if I’m clear with what I say, I’m writing on the go here so I apologize for anything unclear or not logical. What I mean to say is that if you know how to draw, or even if you don’t but you’re learning or want to learn, and if you are interested by either the stories I’m working on or collaborating with me, I would very much enjoy working with you or at least exchanging ideas on stories you may be thinking about.

Ah yes! Here is the last thing I wanted to say about this! What I want is really a collaboration, not to hire someone to work for me. I don’t want you to just stop working on your project(s) or put them aside and to focus on mine. No, I want to help as much as I am helped, I want to learn about what your ideas and what you want to work on, and if possible help you with that as much as you help me. I know that often the ones we call artists decide to become artists because they have something they want to draw, just as I had something I wanted to tell when I started writing, and I know that many don’t want to collaborate because that means that they have to drop their ideas.

Indeed it is hard to work on two projects at the same time (trust me, I know!), and it is even harder to work with someone on your own project or on their project without conflicts of thoughts and view about the direction the piece should take. I have precise ideas about what I want my story to be so I know others do to. My ultimate goal would be to succeed in finding a way to create what I imagine with somebody who would feel as strongly about the plot and the characters as I do, who would also love the story. that is hard to find but who knows, maybe one day?

Anyways, that is one of the projects that is most important to me!

Some other ideas that I’ve had recently but that are too much for me to handle are sci-fi stories, romantic stories and endless sub plots of the vast universe I have imagined. It’s far too much for me to deal with by myself. So, here is the important point of this post : if anyone is interested in collaborating with me on the stories I have in mind, be it the ones I dream to make into comics, or any other one, well, I am open to that! I would love to be able to exchange about what I have created, and what I want to create, with others so don’t hesitate!

I know I always get extremely excited when I get to talk about my stories but that’s because I feel they could be awesome if I could just make them come to life. Hopefully one day it will happen and maybe that will be because I’m working with someone.

That’s all for now folks, I think I’ve said everything I wanted. If I want to add anything I’ll just have to write another post anyway so, see you later and have a great day! :D

PS: if you have any question or comment don’t hesitate to contact me or comment on the blog! ;)



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