Quoptidian n°77 – How do you not post anything for two days?

Well first you need eggs. Eggs are very important, they are at the source of anything intelligent man has ever created. Then you need to not break them, and that’s how you do nothing.

Yeah, I didn’t post anything for these pas two days. I was so taken by games and people who I’m chatting with that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t posted until yesterday, 23:49 pm…

And that is not good because I should be writing everyday, even if it is only a few words or if it’s to say things that have no sense or that are completely useless. I have to write. It’s important. Damn it! I know I’ve already said this before, many times, that’s because I’m not saying this to you guys but to me. I’m trying to motivate myself to write a little everyday and I’m trying to motivate myself to respect that engagement I took a few months back. It’s hard, a lot harder than I expected, and I know it. But I can do it, I have to get out of this cycle of trying my best and then immediately after that relying on my pas achievements for a while until I get the feeling I’m just falling behind on everything I do.

I think I’ve always been like this, going to the extremes, both in good and bad, but never really doing things the right way. Doing them slowly but starting on time and being consistent. It’s not really in my character I believe. I’d like it to be though. To be able to do things that I want to do without second guessing myself or letting my lazy attitude take over. I just watched Shia Labeouf’s video today, I don’ know if you’ve heard of it, it’s an experiment with students I think and one of the extracts of this video made a huge buzz on the interwebs a few weeks back. It’s a bit where he does a very inspirational, albeit simple, motivational speech where he says that one should just move his arse and do it instead of thinking or dreaming it. Just do it. That’s Nike’s slogan, and what a slogan it is.

Just do it. Yeah, don’t think about the hows or the ifs, just do it. Try and maybe fail, but at least give it your all and make your dream more true than they have ever been. Just do it. I think that is going to become my motto from now on, I will try to apply it in my everyday life. No, I will apply it in my everyday life, and I will make my dreams, or at least my projects, come true! (My dreams are a bit fucked up so yeah, forgive me if I don’t want them all to come true… :P) I will write everyday, I will keep on working on Of Shadow and Feathers and I will make it through! I will change that weak willed, lazy side of my personality and I will become someone better than that!

Phew! I had to get that out. Now that it is I can come back when I need motivation and read it again.

Thanks for reading and, as VSauce-guy would say, thanks for reading! ;)

PS: Yeah, VSauce is amazing, check the YouTube channel out, you’ll learn tons of stuff!

PPS: Here is Shia Labeouf’s video, the complete thing I believe.



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