Quotidian n°78 – Good news and bad news.

You are all going to die. And the good news? That was the good news. Oh…

So, let’s start by the good news. Today I’ve had what should be my one before last driving lesson as I have learned that I should be taking the exam next week, friday afternoon! This is really awesome because I feel like I should have done this for so long (I mean getting my licence) which I was too unmotivated or lazy to do in the past. I didn’t have any use for a car or the ability to drive one a few years back, why would I have? I could either take the bus or my parents could bring me. Plus I didn’t have that many places I needed to go so it was fine. But as I grew a bit older and matured a bit I realized, and my girlfriend helped with that a lot, that it was time for me to get a licence even if I still didn’t have the means to buy a car.

At least, she told me, you could be my chauffeur during our little trips together! And yes, I do agree with that, but it took me some time to get on with the learning and the driving lessons. I’ve been at it for at least a year and a half now, if I count the theoretical exam that I had to pass before starting the driving lessons. She’s been driving me around for almost three years now so it is time for me to return the favor! Plus I’ll be able to croon a bit with my impeccable driving and awesome future car (which I’m sure will be awesome! :P). So, yeah, finally getting the opportunity to get my licence, yay!

The bad new is that I have been diagnosed with a terrible disease, it’s called I-can’t-stop-bumping-into-things-and-hurting-myself-itis and it’s super awful! No no! I swear I really have it! Here, this morning for example, I cut myself twice as I was shaving my joke of a beard (I have some stubble here and there but sadly nothing too manly yet…). Twice! I usually don’t cut myself, it’s really pretty rare, but this morning I hurt myself twice! And once quite badly at that! Yesterday I hurt my feet on the door as I was walking out of my room and I banged my arm on one of my piece of furniture. I now am the owner of a beautiful red mark in the shape of an ice cream cone… Plus I seem to get hurt all the time when I’m moving around corners, I hit walls, I hit my desk, I hit myself even! No, I tell you, this is a verysevere condition! And the worst part it is that the only way I have thought of to fight this is by wrapping myself in bubble wrap… Not a very viable option…

Anyways! Other than that I am pretty fine! A bit stressed by my upcoming driving exam and a bit tired from going to sleep at indecent hours these last few days, but other than that I am fine. A bit hungry perhaps, but that’s going to get better in a few minutes, and a bit sore from the exercise I did today. But that is a small price to pay to stay in good shape!

I’ll try to write a bit this evening but I don’t think I’ll be very productive… Anyways, I hope you people are alright too and I wish you a nice evening!

Later folks!


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