Quotidian n°79 – When you are too tire to do anything…



I am tired this evening. Soooo tired…

I did a lot of writing today, almost finished the next chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers, 500 words remaining until it can be posted, so I think that it compensates me not writing anything interesting for this post.

Plus I didn’t do anything very interesting today either, I read some books, played some games and wrote some stuff. Nothing worth mentioning. Perhaps I could say I have begun trying to get to drawing things but even that is not worth mentioning since it’s note very interesting and I don’t have any announcement to make about that yet…

So yeah, nothing interesting to say and fatigue are making me write this very short post to tell you guys nothing and just barely fill my quota of the day.

Anyways, that’s all, see y’all later! :P


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