Quotidian n°80 – Finally! Chapter 9 is here!

Finariru! I havu donitto!

Yep, finally!

Just as the title announces it I have finally managed to finish the ninth chapter of Of Shadow and Feathers! :D

The Fiancée is now posted online and ready to be read! I know it’s been some time since I’ve posted a chapter of Tales of Ore but I had a lot of problems working on the translation, mainly my lack of interest in actually translating things into english, it is soooo boring and annoying to do. I really didn’t know how to keep motivating myself to work on it a bit everyday… but even so, and even if it has been a bit (a lot!) hectic over time I have managed this feat and I have finished chapter 9! You can go check it out immediately if you are interested!

The main characters are appearing slowly and I am taking my time to introduce them a bit more (I know it may seem annoying but I’m the one writing this story so you’ll have to… deal with it!) and to get the wheels of the plot into motion, all the while building the main part of the sub plot for the beginning of the story. I really hope that my writing isn’t as boring as what I imagine it to be because this part, even if not as interesting as the rest of the story, is the introduction to the awesome events that will follow and that the main characters will have to face int he future!

By the way, why not play a game? Try to guess who the main characters of the story will be from that point on! Of course Thrista is one of them but let’s see if you can find out who the others will be! (Yeah, it’s quite easy but so what? It’s still fun!)

On another subject, I am stressed a bit with my driving exam coming soon. Three days left (well, actually, two days, since we’re already Wednesday here…) and I have to drive the best I have ever driven in my life to get the permit to drive well on the roads. yeah, a bit stressful. I think I can do it but, you never know, anything could happen… I know there’s no point in getting worked up too much over that now, I know what I can do and I can do what I need to do so I just have to wait, do and then see if it was good enough.

I also had a call, this afternoon as a matter of fact, for a meeting tomorrow in response to my job search and an ad I applied to. It’s something about calling people for polls and stuff like that. I don’t know anything about this stuff, except what I have heard from people calling me to ask me questions. And I don’t know how it will be to work in this branch of services nor if I will like it, but I hope that I can make a good enough impression tomorrow and to get the job because that would help a lot for next year! Apparently it’s very likely that I will get it but I still pray that it will go well. That said, I think it is high time I go to sleep or I won’t be fresh enough for tomorrow morning.

Hope everything is going well for you guys too, I’ll write to you later! Bye for now! ;)



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