Quotidian n°81 – My level of stress is slowly rising.

So, how did it go? Oh, not too bad. I only ran over two old ladies and a child, it was one of my better days I think!

As the hours go by I can feel my body tense up a bit more and the stress starting to get to me. Today is a special day for me, the time has finally come to take the driving exam to get my licence. Everything will be said and done between 3 and for p.m. and I really hope that I’ll get it the first time!

I have done everything in my power to be ready for today, I drove around as much and as best as I could during the lessons, I learned the theoretical part in detail so that when the time for question comes I won’t be sitting there gaping at the examiner. So, all in all, I really did everything I could to ace this thing!

The only thing left that I can think of doing is trying to relax and focus on my driving, on what I’ll have to do and on what I’ll do. But right now that’s hard, I don’t know if I’ll really be able to relax, at least not until I’ve started driving. If I can remember everything I’ve learned up ’til now and not over think things, I believe it should go well.

I’d really like it to go well because going back to driving lessons and having to wait anymore would be extremely frustrating! Plus I did get my theoretical test on the first try, despite being really stressed and a bit unsure of myself so I should be able to do the same thing this time…

We’ll see… Wish me luck!

Also, since I was passing the exam today I didn’t post much in the last few days and I don’t expect to post much during the next couple of days either. At least until tomorrow night because I’ll be off to see my girlfriend and, hopefully, feast on my incredible performance behind the wheel.

So yeah, see you later guys and have an awesome week-end!

Ps: The weather is great here, which makes me at the same time very happy and very annoyed because it means that I’ll have difficulty looking around with all that sunlight. I’ll have to deal with it but today great weather is a bit of a downer. Anyways. I’m not going to ‘spit in the soup’ as we say here, the weather is awesome, let’s make the most of it!



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