Quotidian n°83 – Two hundred posts!

Wow! It’s fucking nothing.

No, seriously, with this post I’ve officially reached 200 posted posts, how cool is that?!

It’ might not seem much to you but two hundred posts is a lot for me! I knew, when I started this blog that I would one day, if all went well, reach a high number of posts, but hitting the two hundred mark is quite an achievement! I’d repeat most of the things I said for the hundredth post if I tried to expand on my thoughts right now but, to sum it up, I’m really happy I did reach this number!

Hurray for me! Or, as party ladies would say, woot woot!

On another subject, yesterday I said I had an announcement to make. Well it’s not anything big or revolutionary and it will certainly not change this blog much but I hope that it will be something I can see the end of. Yup, it’s not a huge project but it’s a lengthy one.

So, I’ve been thinking about my stories lately and more specifically of Echoes of Power (which I’m starting to wonder if it is such a good name after all… But that’s not the subject here!). I have been trying to get to translating the chapters that I have already written in French but haven’t got around to do it yet… Why? Because translating is so annoying and they are freaking huge! Like 6 12k words for the first one… I already struggle to translate 3-4k long chapters so 12k, don’t even think about it!

Well, I could do it, but it would take me sooooo long and it would be so annoying for me to get the motivation and for you to wait long weeks between each chapter. Plus long chapters are perhaps not the best thing to write on a blog nor the easiest to read. I usually do enjoy long chapters but for the idea that I have had, it wouldn’t be easy to do.

So, what did I have in mind?

Well it’s simple. I’m going to start over Echoes of Power, from scratch (or almost scratch, I’ll still use what I have already written) and try to post a short part of the story each day and turn it on a daily post, a bit like what Stanley was before. Which reminds me that I’ll have to work on the next part of Stanley because it’s been a while since I did post one… So, for Echoes of Power I would post a part of a chapter each day, hopefully around 500 words to keep them interesting, perhaps longer.

That was my great idea. I realized that if I wanted to make something out of my projects I had to work on them a bit more that what I was doing up until ow, I had to really invest myself in them (thank Shia Labeouf for motivating me!) and that is what I am going to do from now on! So, I will have to try to do both Quotidians and a chapter of EoP each day! Plus post a chapter of my other stories from time to time. That’s going to require some work but it should be doable!

Anyways, yeah, prepare to witness the great comeback of my story and I hope you will enjoy reading Echoes of Power at least as much as I enjoy imagining and writing the story!

I will also probably make bigger chapters out of the small parts I’ll post each day, for those of you who want to wait for a bigger chunk of text before reading!

I don’t know what the result will be yet because it means that I’ll have to improvise a bit on a few parts of the story, but if I stick to what I have in mind already it should be fine!

So yeah, new version of Echoes of Power coming out! You’ll be able to read the first part tomorrow but if you are curious about what I am doing with it you can already go check the EoP page on the blog, I’ll post the Prologue tonight for you to enjoy!

Okay, that’s all for today folks, I’ll catch you later! ;)


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